Saturday, February 19, 2011

Skipped Food Meme

I failed to join in my favorite food meme yesterday due to busy schedule and bad colds. When I finally started working it’s late for me to post and submit my entry. I felt bad about it because it’s the only weekly meme that I was able to maintain and still failed this week. Anyway I promised to do it early in the morning to avoid being late again. If only I have my desired HTC HD7 now I could at least do some email, tweets and even write short post even without using my computer. 

That one is included in my wish list and I think the right for me among the various cell phones that I browsed online. My brother has it now given his church mate from USA few months ago. He actually let me browse its features and I told him the features that I want in it. He doesn’t even know some of the features that I mentioned to him. Now he’s getting used to it and enjoying every minute of having it.


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