Friday, March 11, 2011

::FF/FTF: Home-Made Street Food

This is the famous kwek-kwek sold in most streets which is either duck  or chicken boiled egg fried with breaded sauce.  It's very popular here but I don't buy it in streets for  personal and sanitary reasons.  I don't judge all but some vendors are not so clean in preparing the sauce that's why I decided to cook it on my own for my kids and the whole family as they want to try this very yummy-looking eggs they usually see on streets.

I've included stages of preparation here just in case you want to try it.  First boil the eggs, remove the shells and cut lengthwise.  Prepare the dipping sauce which is basically water, flour, salt, pepper and some other seasoning of your choice, I used Magic sarap here.   You could also add a pinch of food color  to the sauce for a more palatable look. Dip the cut boiled eggs to the mixed sauce, roll in flour and deep fry.  

Dip the fried egg in your desired sauce - you can use catsup, vinegar sauce with garlic and onions or any other.  I always dip it in my special vinegar sauce mix for a more exciting taste. Warning: don't eat more than 2 servings if you're on diet lol!

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maiylah said...

i agree, it's much better if you make them at home. kaso i really have no idea how to make the sauce! you used magic sarap? hmmm...i might try that. ;)

thanks for playing again, Race
happy weekend!

Cheerful said...

you're right...better do it by yourself! happy food trip friday! :)

PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

gengen said...

Oh hungry me yummy..happy FF!

darly said...

i love kwek kwek... used to have this every after class in UP during my masteral days

Happy foodtripping, hope you check out my entry too
I Love Darly!

Cielo said...

Visiting here from FTF #36...
I love kwek kwek until now....

Nadaan, nakibasa at natakam
Brown Pinay
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Mirage said...

I wouldn't have guessed until you said what it is!

Under My Fingertips said...

I used to buy that and dip in hot chili vinegar. Now I just boil the egg and dip in hot chili vinegar. Healthier. :D

FTF #21.

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