Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting Hotter!

It’s nice to stay indoors especially when the temperature is hot outside. We’re now back to tropical season and have entered the hot summer season. We’ve had cool temperature for long and it’s hard now to adjust myself to the hot weather. We’re lucky to have a compound with plenty of space for fruit-bearing trees which doesn’t only give us some fruits for eating but a cool shade also in the afternoon. Our visitors would always comment that it’s cooler in our place than any other area in the village. 

When we feel that it’s unbearably hot inside we seek the refuge of our patio area and stay there until we’ve cooled down. I understand why there’s such a need for a good filter and air purifier. It’s good to know that EZ Breathe can do better what other dehumidifier, ionizer and air purifier can’t do to help make the atmosphere fresher and cooler. Oh this season makes me yearn to spend some time in beach vacation house.


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