Saturday, March 26, 2011

Natural Healing and Herbal Treatment

My Mom loves reading books and her favourites include health and inspirational books. She has collections of these two varieties and never fails to read them always. When my kids get sick she would always give first-aid treatment and advices on natural herbal treatment. She even knows the best remedies for skin and hair problems and recommends tips on choosing skin lotions and hair loss products which proved to be very effective on our relatives. Know what? Her father who happens to be my grandfather also knows a lot about water and herbal treatment on several sicknesses in his time. So probably she got it from his father and we’re the lucky recipients!


Star-chuu said...

I believe that natural herbal is the best medicine. My mom recommended me too about the herbal medicines and it's very effective. Visiting you from Lainy's 3rd Blogoversary-The Gravatar Contest.

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