Monday, March 7, 2011

Safe Relief

My Mom is very healthy at her age of 78 and she’s turning 79 this coming May. She lived eating healthy foods and practiced a healthy lifestyle. Her only sickness is her arthritis and when it’s cold it attacks her most often. She tried taking medication but realized that she should be taking natural methods instead. We bought several effective liniments and oil to help her ease her pain when she felt the pain of arthritis. 

Few years back some students of physical therapy visited her on weekly basis and gave her massage therapy. That didn’t last though because they were assigned to faraway place. Anyway I just remembered it now when I saw massage therapy program online and thought of reliving those days of therapy for Mom. Well that is, if she will allow it because she told me she’s satisfied with the herbal oil she’s using. The herbal oil was given by my father’s cousin and she loves it, just like a best friend to her.


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