Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting Fit for Work

I’m going back to the office world full time and today I brought out my office working clothes to have an inventory of clothes to wear. I retired from working in corporate world almost two years ago and most of my office clothes don’t fit me anymore. Well that’s saddening for me as I don’t want to buy a whole wardrobe just for my new job. I want to replenish my cabinet but only a few clothes. Maybe what I need to do is lose some pounds so I can use my existing clothes. I’ve just read this sensa weight loss reviews and some other reviews but I’m still hesitant about trying without consulting my doctor. 

I still have to consult someone who can advice me on the best way I can be slimmer. I’ve tried workout exercises and it’s good but now I can only do it on weekends. Anyway for now I’ll just limit my intake of fatty and sweet foods and try to be mobile most of the time. Walking can help me also so I’ll walk few meters before coming in to my work. I know I can do it and since it’s not the best season for spending on clothes because of budget priorities I need to lose weight.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Benefits of Taking Vitamins

Two of my kids have chicken pox now and I’m convincing them that for them to recuperate fast they should try to eat even if they don’t have much appetite. I give them their ascorbic supplements so their small wounds would heal fast and they will have strong resistance against coughs and colds. Sometimes due to the heat and pain that results from having chicken pox they become so immune to other diseases like respiratory diseases.

Anyway even when you don’t have any sickness to heal taking the best vitamins will help your resistance strong and will keep you away from seasonal sicknesses. For ideas click here and get to see selection of the best vitamins for the kids and adults as well. Remember that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so it’s better to take care and live healthy than be saddled with sickness.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Saving for Small Business Plans

My work now takes me out of my home for two to three days a week and as such I can do my online tasks every other day only. As of now I can handle it since hubby and the kids are on school vacation but I’m not that sure when the school opens. I really have to help a friend and I also missed working in office. Since it’s summer vacation I don’t experience difficulty in getting transportation to work and the traffic is bearable also so I accepted the job. It’s better now than putting up a small business because it will take too much of my time especially if it’s a food business we’re planning about. 

I’m thinking about of alternative business aside from food just like my friend who is into small business phone systems now. She loves every minute of it and she’s looking forward to a good return of her investments. I’m happy for her and hope that within this year we could decide on what type of small business we could get into. Now we’re into saving some money for our planned business so when the time comes that we want to start it we’ll have capital funds for its start up expenses.

Friday, April 8, 2011

:FF/FTF#31: Pizza

I’m craving for this one now as I'm going to work until late nights.  We had this few days back as our afternoon snack and the kids love it so much.  We’re a family of pizza lover and we  love PH's pizzas any flavor, anytime, anywhere.  Must get one of these soon to satisfy my cravings. For now I prefer super supreme or the stuffed crust one.  

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom

Just few weeks more and we’ll again celebrate Mother’s Day and because Mom likes being pampered on special occasions I’m searching for a unique and special gift for her on the forthcoming special day for Moms like me. It’s nice window shopping online because you’ll get to see best gift ideas for specific person you want to give gifts. Best of all you’ll not waste time and effort rounding up malls and stores just to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

I’m now thinking back to what my Mom always telling me about this and that. I know she told me last month the kinds that she want to receive on special occasions. Now I’m browsing through some pretty little accessories that Mom loves and maybe I will just choose from it for mothers day gifts for mom or look for another sweet and sentimental gift. For my own I know my kids are doing some little planning just to let me know that I’m special to them. Feels good to be Mom!

Friday, April 1, 2011

:FF/FTF: Seoul Barbecue Restaurant Foods

 Win, Me, Riss, Osang and Sir Bob
 Sesame Chicken
 Sweet and Spicy Anchovies
 I think this is Kimchi

These pics are from Sir Bob's birthday last December.  I was so late in posting but anyway it's not so late to share how we all felt that day especially Riss, Osang and I who left the company for years now.  It's almost two years when I resigned to work at home and spend my time writing personal and paid posts.  It's hard to say goodbye they say but we must do it sometimes to welcome new opportunities coming our way.  It's a heart-felt mini reunion of old BT&T and I was touched by our dear boss' text message after the lunch treat.

Before I forget these are the foods that we ate there.  Seoul Barbecue is one of my boss' favorite restaurant venue when he wants to treat or meet us.  I still have to update this as to the names of the foods above, can't figure out the name now as I'm hurrying up to go to my work so I just named it myself.  Well I know Japchae as it's my fave in Seoul Barbecue and the chicken. with sesame seed.  Some are too hot for my taste :D

Btw the cake on the front of my boss is Contis' Yummy Mango Bravo!

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