Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting Fit for Work

I’m going back to the office world full time and today I brought out my office working clothes to have an inventory of clothes to wear. I retired from working in corporate world almost two years ago and most of my office clothes don’t fit me anymore. Well that’s saddening for me as I don’t want to buy a whole wardrobe just for my new job. I want to replenish my cabinet but only a few clothes. Maybe what I need to do is lose some pounds so I can use my existing clothes. I’ve just read this sensa weight loss reviews and some other reviews but I’m still hesitant about trying without consulting my doctor. 

I still have to consult someone who can advice me on the best way I can be slimmer. I’ve tried workout exercises and it’s good but now I can only do it on weekends. Anyway for now I’ll just limit my intake of fatty and sweet foods and try to be mobile most of the time. Walking can help me also so I’ll walk few meters before coming in to my work. I know I can do it and since it’s not the best season for spending on clothes because of budget priorities I need to lose weight.


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