Thursday, April 28, 2011

Saving for Small Business Plans

My work now takes me out of my home for two to three days a week and as such I can do my online tasks every other day only. As of now I can handle it since hubby and the kids are on school vacation but I’m not that sure when the school opens. I really have to help a friend and I also missed working in office. Since it’s summer vacation I don’t experience difficulty in getting transportation to work and the traffic is bearable also so I accepted the job. It’s better now than putting up a small business because it will take too much of my time especially if it’s a food business we’re planning about. 

I’m thinking about of alternative business aside from food just like my friend who is into small business phone systems now. She loves every minute of it and she’s looking forward to a good return of her investments. I’m happy for her and hope that within this year we could decide on what type of small business we could get into. Now we’re into saving some money for our planned business so when the time comes that we want to start it we’ll have capital funds for its start up expenses.


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