Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Refreshing my IT Degree

I’ve graduated from college with degree in Computer Engineering but after several years of working I shifted from IT to Administration and Finance works. It’s an advantage for me as I can easily apply for work because I have varied knowledge in the operation of business with Human Resource experience and in Carrier Settlement in Telecoms Company. Sometimes even with various experiences on other fields of work I missed my IT jobs when I was just starting my career. Being on different field of work from my degree give me some worries if I apply again for IT jobs that’s why I’m thinking of enrolling in an online I T degree course to refresh my knowledge and update me on the latest in the field of information technology.

I cannot easily turn my back on my college degree and I still want to be part of IT in the  future  so this online I T degree course will surely help me a lot to pursue my plans. Well of course not only me but for those people like me who want to study IT courses but didn’t have time to enroll in a regular university. It will be a great chance to study further and return to having IT skills and knowledge. It’s my life before and I want to be part of IT again.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Everything New in My New Job

I canvassed for my office table in my new work on three home and office stores and finally got a nice one that’s functional and not very expensive. I actually love the deep cherry color and the compartments that fit the computer too. It’s a new design that combines both office tables with computer table making the new table acts as one. Now I have a new table, a new desktop computer, a new room and new filing cabinets. Everything is new with my new job and it’s because it’s a new company also and my room is the recent addition to the office.

Well I did some searching online before I visit the stores because it maximize my time and makes approval from the owner quick and easy. I get quotations through email and send purchase form through email also. What a wonderful online office world where you can get everything online just like the new home theatre system of my cousin. She got a very good deal from an online store and managed to squeeze her budget just to get her dream home theatre. It’s been a dream for her two years ago and now she can’t believe she have it now. Saw it myself and started to dream also.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adjusting to My New Work and Schedule

Feel so good today enjoying the holiday and the weather. I love drizzles when I’m home, makes me stay a bit longer in bed. It’s nice to spend long weekends because it recharges your body and mind for the coming work ahead of the week. The boys are out and it’s just me and the girls here with me together of course with Mom and sis. We’ve spent the day sleeping, resting, cooking favorite viands and pasta, doing assignments and watching television. I just started working in the afternoon because I have to do some research on cohiba cigars online and I don’t know anything about it.

Anyway all my tasks scheduled for writing today is not that hard so I’ll probably enjoy doing all these up to evening. I missed having blogging marathon like what I used to do when I’m just a work-at-home Mom when I will blog through the night until dawn. I don’t do that now because when I come home from office I don’t open my laptop but instead dedicate my time to the kids to ask them their day’s experiences, activities, lessons and assignments. 

I do my blogging early at dawn while I’m cooking and preparing their things in school. When I have many tasks to finish I schedule one day in a week when I will work up to midnight to finish them ahead of schedule and if due dates fall on weekend I spent Friday night writing them all. I’m starting to adjust to my new schedule and I’m glad that DH is also helping me with some of my online tasks.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stylish Medical Scrubs

I was passing through a first class hospital on my way to my office when I chanced upon a nurse wearing beautiful medical scrubs. She looks very fashionable in her uniform and it suits her young face. I’m glad that medical staff and professional can now be stylish with their working clothes unlike before when they would only wear those white immaculate uniforms. Well seeing them in clinical white clothes is really very professional and neat but it’s a nice change also to see them in pastel color for a change. I have this odd feeling of seeing white walls and white-clad staff in hospitals which sometimes make me feel frightened so this new trend in medical clothes make me feel comfortable even when I’m in hospitals.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

We seek the help of medical professional and staff to relieve us of pain and illness when we’re sick. We entrust our loved ones to them for security that they will heal them and give them back their healthy bodies. We feel safe and assured whenever we go our family doctor or our nearby community hospital because we know that we or our family will improve their condition. But sometimes instead of giving their patients relief and help they are being abused because of medical malpractices. 

Well if you’re one of these patients who suffered malpractice from the hands of medical staff there’s Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyer which provides services for victims of mistaken services by medical professionals. The victims are worthy and entitled to a fair justice and also to any financial support coming from those who abused their sworn duties to heal not to hurt.