Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adjusting to My New Work and Schedule

Feel so good today enjoying the holiday and the weather. I love drizzles when I’m home, makes me stay a bit longer in bed. It’s nice to spend long weekends because it recharges your body and mind for the coming work ahead of the week. The boys are out and it’s just me and the girls here with me together of course with Mom and sis. We’ve spent the day sleeping, resting, cooking favorite viands and pasta, doing assignments and watching television. I just started working in the afternoon because I have to do some research on cohiba cigars online and I don’t know anything about it.

Anyway all my tasks scheduled for writing today is not that hard so I’ll probably enjoy doing all these up to evening. I missed having blogging marathon like what I used to do when I’m just a work-at-home Mom when I will blog through the night until dawn. I don’t do that now because when I come home from office I don’t open my laptop but instead dedicate my time to the kids to ask them their day’s experiences, activities, lessons and assignments. 

I do my blogging early at dawn while I’m cooking and preparing their things in school. When I have many tasks to finish I schedule one day in a week when I will work up to midnight to finish them ahead of schedule and if due dates fall on weekend I spent Friday night writing them all. I’m starting to adjust to my new schedule and I’m glad that DH is also helping me with some of my online tasks.


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