Monday, June 20, 2011

Everything New in My New Job

I canvassed for my office table in my new work on three home and office stores and finally got a nice one that’s functional and not very expensive. I actually love the deep cherry color and the compartments that fit the computer too. It’s a new design that combines both office tables with computer table making the new table acts as one. Now I have a new table, a new desktop computer, a new room and new filing cabinets. Everything is new with my new job and it’s because it’s a new company also and my room is the recent addition to the office.

Well I did some searching online before I visit the stores because it maximize my time and makes approval from the owner quick and easy. I get quotations through email and send purchase form through email also. What a wonderful online office world where you can get everything online just like the new home theatre system of my cousin. She got a very good deal from an online store and managed to squeeze her budget just to get her dream home theatre. It’s been a dream for her two years ago and now she can’t believe she have it now. Saw it myself and started to dream also.


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