Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Refreshing my IT Degree

I’ve graduated from college with degree in Computer Engineering but after several years of working I shifted from IT to Administration and Finance works. It’s an advantage for me as I can easily apply for work because I have varied knowledge in the operation of business with Human Resource experience and in Carrier Settlement in Telecoms Company. Sometimes even with various experiences on other fields of work I missed my IT jobs when I was just starting my career. Being on different field of work from my degree give me some worries if I apply again for IT jobs that’s why I’m thinking of enrolling in an online I T degree course to refresh my knowledge and update me on the latest in the field of information technology.

I cannot easily turn my back on my college degree and I still want to be part of IT in the  future  so this online I T degree course will surely help me a lot to pursue my plans. Well of course not only me but for those people like me who want to study IT courses but didn’t have time to enroll in a regular university. It will be a great chance to study further and return to having IT skills and knowledge. It’s my life before and I want to be part of IT again.


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