Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Activities

It’s weekend once again but I woke up very early to cook food for my daughter who has a retreat in one of the hills in nearby town. She’s so excited with the activities in lined for all the freshmen and I saw the same expression in her school mates. It’s all new for them and they’ve prepared a lot for this retreat. Her two siblings went with us so after we’ve left the place we dropped by the market and bought our three day supply of food. We got the best deals and I was so glad to try the famous place for fish marketing which I never thought would sell their goods at wholesale prices even for small quantity orders.

I love getting the best price for our basic necessities like food, clothes and supplies and discovering the mentioned place gave us another option where to go to on our weekly food shopping. If we will continue to buy there we will save some money for our other needs and wants like the lcd tvs samsung I was showing hubby the other day. He’s an expert with appliances and furniture that I always show and ask him what’s good for us. Anyway we still have quality televisions in the house so we can just wait until we’ve saved enough for additional tvs and other appliances to we need to replace old ones.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Protect their Teeth While Young

I want to instill proper care of teeth to my children early in their life because I don’t want them to have a problem with their dental health when they grow old. Teeth are one of the most important parts in our body so it should be given utmost care and attention. I heard from a friend that she’s getting a dental insurance quotes because she wants to ensure that when she grows older her teeth will be covered with an insurance protection. She’s right but I have to think about getting one as I still have to consult with our family dentist about that.

For now my kids will be fine if they will follow what I told them to do as I always believe that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. So if they take good care of their teeth while they’re young they can avoid going to dentist for extraction or for some other procedures. They will be spared also of high expenses for dental services.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Missing my Home Work Out Exercise

I really need to have some exercise or need to go back to my home work out. Since the day that I committed myself to work again in corporate world I haven’t had the time to allot some of my minutes to exercising. Before I had this new job I was working my way out to shed pounds and be fit at the same time. I was doing some online workout exercise 5 times a week on a one hour program from gospel aerobics and it’s doing my body a lot of favour. First I feel very healthy and fit, second I feel like I’m on my way to returning to my old slimmer form. I’m really determined then to continue the program as long as I can because it fits perfectly to my time and kind of workout I like most like cardio exercise, jumping and some aerobics.

I can’t do a real workout on a gym because I’m not allowed to carry heavy things or even used the likes of wrestling equipment but the online program recommended by my husband has done good changes in me. Sad now that I didn’t do any of those workout for more than two months now since I got so busy with office work and my online freelance writing. Anyway I’m still positive that in few weeks time I’ll be able to handle my schedules better and hoping to fit my workout into my hectic schedule. I should do this or I’ll be ballooning into a bigger version of myself.