Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Missing my Home Work Out Exercise

I really need to have some exercise or need to go back to my home work out. Since the day that I committed myself to work again in corporate world I haven’t had the time to allot some of my minutes to exercising. Before I had this new job I was working my way out to shed pounds and be fit at the same time. I was doing some online workout exercise 5 times a week on a one hour program from gospel aerobics and it’s doing my body a lot of favour. First I feel very healthy and fit, second I feel like I’m on my way to returning to my old slimmer form. I’m really determined then to continue the program as long as I can because it fits perfectly to my time and kind of workout I like most like cardio exercise, jumping and some aerobics.

I can’t do a real workout on a gym because I’m not allowed to carry heavy things or even used the likes of wrestling equipment but the online program recommended by my husband has done good changes in me. Sad now that I didn’t do any of those workout for more than two months now since I got so busy with office work and my online freelance writing. Anyway I’m still positive that in few weeks time I’ll be able to handle my schedules better and hoping to fit my workout into my hectic schedule. I should do this or I’ll be ballooning into a bigger version of myself.


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