Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Activities

It’s weekend once again but I woke up very early to cook food for my daughter who has a retreat in one of the hills in nearby town. She’s so excited with the activities in lined for all the freshmen and I saw the same expression in her school mates. It’s all new for them and they’ve prepared a lot for this retreat. Her two siblings went with us so after we’ve left the place we dropped by the market and bought our three day supply of food. We got the best deals and I was so glad to try the famous place for fish marketing which I never thought would sell their goods at wholesale prices even for small quantity orders.

I love getting the best price for our basic necessities like food, clothes and supplies and discovering the mentioned place gave us another option where to go to on our weekly food shopping. If we will continue to buy there we will save some money for our other needs and wants like the lcd tvs samsung I was showing hubby the other day. He’s an expert with appliances and furniture that I always show and ask him what’s good for us. Anyway we still have quality televisions in the house so we can just wait until we’ve saved enough for additional tvs and other appliances to we need to replace old ones.


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