Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dream Car

It’s been raining the whole week and I’m glad to welcome the weekend with bright sunshine. It’s hard to come to office on stormy days because you have to muster strength to get vehicles, commute and brave the strong winds and rains. I’m relieved when I reach the office as I can change shoes and put on my coat to be warm. Most of the times hubby would offer to drive me to my work but I always decline because the traffic is always at its peak and I’m not sure what time he could be back from my office to reach his class in school.

I also fear for flash floods that could make us stranded and will cause damage to our car. I heard that some cars who go through the floods have encountered trouble so I told hubby that I can take care of myself. I would be worried if something would happen to the car because it’s so expensive to bring the car in repair shops and it would take some time also. I just wonder how much more expensive it would be if it’s an rv repair. I guess running and maintaining a car like that would mean high maintenance but it’s all worth it anyway. It’s one of my dream cars and I always browse some sites for various models, who know time would come that I’ll be able to buy one for my family. My friends always tell me to dream big and high.


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