Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nice Weekend

It’s always a special weekend to me If I spent it straight with my loved ones without any schedule or meeting with anyone outside. If I can make it possible I see to it that I don’t commit myself to any of my friends on Saturdays because weekends are the only days that I get to be with my Mom, husband and kids for long period of time because there are no classes and no office work. Today I’ve cooked a special homemade siomai to the delight of my kids especially my youngest son Josh who seems to favour the said food over his other favorite foods. He accompanied me to the market to help me carry my food bags because his sisters were still sleeping when I decided to buy ingredients for my planned food.

On our way back home I saw my high school friend ordered some hydraulic hose in one of the shops near the market and discussed about setting up a date with our other friends. It’s so good to see her again and hope to arrange the meet-up as soon as possible. She’s always busy and never attended any of our alumni gatherings and yearly dinner meetings. This year she hopes to be with us if the meeting date would be favourable to her work schedule.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Document Scanning and More

When we’re just starting we pay high amount for scanning some of our documents for our accreditation. We need it fast but due to small scanner of the store it took him awhile to finish all required documents for scanning. If only they had document scanning then it would be easier for us to finish our proposal for accreditation. Since we have our own now we can scan as much as we want and not be mindful of anything and it’s a lot cheaper than pay for the scanned projects. Hope in time we could also add up some more office equipment at work for convenience of submitting documents.

New Venue Ideas for December Camp Meeting

We’re planning a short trip to Baguio to assess the new prospective place for our December camp meeting fellowship. The place was offered by Mom’s friend and we just have to talk to the caretaker of the place just in case he’s renting it to others. It was a personal offer and we’re planning to go there to see if the house can accommodate 70 people on kitchen facilities, bath and bedding. It’s important to us to see the place first before we decide if we’re going to back out on our first venue where we already deposited a down payment. After we’re finished with the venue maybe we can go around the place for a quick tour and we can rest the whole period of our stay.

I still have to see if I can ask for leave and if my budget will allow an early vacation expenses for the whole family. Anyway I’m wondering if we’ll have to hire equestrian boots like in Tagaytay when my friend took advantage of horse riding there. I think there’s no need but still it can be a good idea. Hope we can plan everything out so when December comes in we’ll have all things carefully planned and set for. I’m excited and looking forward to our December camp meeting.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cell Phone Repair and More

We’ve collected several models and brands of cell phone throughout the years and some we kept for DH cell phone repair project in school. He need to have defective cell phones to study trouble shooting and repair and they will not pass the subject if they will not be able to restore the defective cell phones back to good running condition. It’s the same rules that their professors applies to their television and computer repair subjects. They will not get a grade unless they were able to repair appliances because it’s also a preparation next semester on their on-the-job training.

They were also taught on how and where to shop for spare parts and Cell phone accessories should they need to replace some parts on their cell phone project. They need to know the shops that will give them quality branded products at a discounted price they can afford. I’m getting interested in Electronics myself and if only has a chance I would also love to study it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Personalized Beach Towels

It’s my little boy’s birthday tomorrow and I’m thinking of nice gifts for him that would make him excited. He loves super heroes since he was a toddler and throughout these years I always give him things with super heroes theme or designs like coloring books, pencil case, school bags, shirts, toys and miniature characters. He really likes collecting all of them in his cabinet even until now that he’s in grade school. I’m having some thoughts now of having those cute superhero beach towels at Personal for him on his birthday tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure that he’ll love it and will want not just one but varied towel with different designs and characters. It’s not only good for his collection but good for his personal needs also like in his bath time. I’m guessing now what will going to be his choice for the super hero design, would it Spiderman or Iron Man? He can also choose among other characters there like Captain America, Thor, Hulk and others. He’s really excited now for tomorrow’s birthday.