Friday, September 16, 2011

Cell Phone Repair and More

We’ve collected several models and brands of cell phone throughout the years and some we kept for DH cell phone repair project in school. He need to have defective cell phones to study trouble shooting and repair and they will not pass the subject if they will not be able to restore the defective cell phones back to good running condition. It’s the same rules that their professors applies to their television and computer repair subjects. They will not get a grade unless they were able to repair appliances because it’s also a preparation next semester on their on-the-job training.

They were also taught on how and where to shop for spare parts and Cell phone accessories should they need to replace some parts on their cell phone project. They need to know the shops that will give them quality branded products at a discounted price they can afford. I’m getting interested in Electronics myself and if only has a chance I would also love to study it.


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