Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Venue Ideas for December Camp Meeting

We’re planning a short trip to Baguio to assess the new prospective place for our December camp meeting fellowship. The place was offered by Mom’s friend and we just have to talk to the caretaker of the place just in case he’s renting it to others. It was a personal offer and we’re planning to go there to see if the house can accommodate 70 people on kitchen facilities, bath and bedding. It’s important to us to see the place first before we decide if we’re going to back out on our first venue where we already deposited a down payment. After we’re finished with the venue maybe we can go around the place for a quick tour and we can rest the whole period of our stay.

I still have to see if I can ask for leave and if my budget will allow an early vacation expenses for the whole family. Anyway I’m wondering if we’ll have to hire equestrian boots like in Tagaytay when my friend took advantage of horse riding there. I think there’s no need but still it can be a good idea. Hope we can plan everything out so when December comes in we’ll have all things carefully planned and set for. I’m excited and looking forward to our December camp meeting.


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