Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nice Weekend

It’s always a special weekend to me If I spent it straight with my loved ones without any schedule or meeting with anyone outside. If I can make it possible I see to it that I don’t commit myself to any of my friends on Saturdays because weekends are the only days that I get to be with my Mom, husband and kids for long period of time because there are no classes and no office work. Today I’ve cooked a special homemade siomai to the delight of my kids especially my youngest son Josh who seems to favour the said food over his other favorite foods. He accompanied me to the market to help me carry my food bags because his sisters were still sleeping when I decided to buy ingredients for my planned food.

On our way back home I saw my high school friend ordered some hydraulic hose in one of the shops near the market and discussed about setting up a date with our other friends. It’s so good to see her again and hope to arrange the meet-up as soon as possible. She’s always busy and never attended any of our alumni gatherings and yearly dinner meetings. This year she hopes to be with us if the meeting date would be favourable to her work schedule.


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