Sunday, October 30, 2011

Special Personalized Gifts

I’ve been thinking about unique gifts for the kids since I always give them the usual clothes, toys, bags, purses and drawing kits. This coming holiday ideas of giving personalized items like customized shirts, printed bags, Personalized Stamps and other unique gifts keep coming to my thoughts. I’ve always loved receiving customized or personalized gifts because I feel so special. Last year my best friend gave me a pouch with a scrapped design of my family’s picture. I was surprised and happy to see it and looked back to remember how she got the picture from me. 

She asked for a copy of our family picture few months before I received the gift for the reason that she’s going to use it for her digital scrapping. Oh well that was halfway true because she really used it for scrapping but only for her design works but for my pouch. I find her gift priceless, very precious and more valuable than jewelry. I’m sure kids would also love seeing their name or pictures on the things and accessories that I would give them. It would surely delight them to own personalized unique belongings just like me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

High Technology Education

I’m glad that hubby can now apply what he has studied upon on his electronics course. He has repaired some of our electronic appliances and last week he was able to bring my desktop computer back to running condition again. We didn’t use the desktop for one year when its power supply malfunctioned and since I had my new laptop then so we didn’t rush the repair. My husband’s repair of my desktop computer was just in time for the kids’ dilemma on their own desktop malfunction. Now they’ll using my desktop as replacement and happy that it’s faster than their own.

We’ve thought about buying discount computers few months ago because the kids can’t work on one computer only when they both have rush school assignments. But now we’re thinking it over because the other desktop is now under repair and soon they’ll have two units to work on. It led me to believe that education now is rather expensive and demands high technology because when I was studying we didn’t have to do our assignments on computers and we didn’t have to submit some of them online.

Mall Wide Sale

The mall stores near our office is currently on big sale this weekend and as I pass by those malls yesterday I saw hundreds of shoppers trying to get a good bargain on various stores located on the mall. Some of the shoppers did their early shopping for holidays as they want to take advantage of 50-70% discount on bags, shoes, clothing, house ware and many other things. I noticed that they usually buy for their kids’ things and clothing first before they buy for their own things. 

I wonder if there are available tattoo clothing in one of the stores there because they’ll be happy to see nice designs on shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, hoodies and more. I’m sure kids and teenagers would want to wear them this holiday season if ever they’ll be able to have one or more of those beautifully-designed shirts. Anyway since I intentionally avoided the mall for frugal purposes I didn’t found it myself. I just saw some who came out holding 3 bags or more with satisfied face that they were able to get good deals on their purchases.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

House Make Over

I’ve been planning up things now with my siblings and we’re very happy about it. If plan pushed through and finances will be ready I’ll have to finalize our renovation plans in the house. How I will love to have granite countertops in the kitchen or tiles of such kind in the bathroom and some other place in the house. I’ve been looking for a quality and affordable supplier for my needs and glad to find which is a premier fabricator of granite bathroom vanity tops, kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, Jacuzzi and more. 

What’s good about their products is the wide range of stone colors they have which can be a great help if you really want to choose the right shade for your needs. They offer customization so you’ll be assured that desired specifications will be done perfectly with 3 days turnaround time for your convenience. Now that I found this it will be cost friendly and easier for me to choose should we start the house makeover.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Right Job for Her

My friend in my daughter’s former school has luckily landed a good job in one of the best hospitals in the city next to our town. She thanked me endlessly because she believed that the part time job I gave her in ADB is a big factor in getting her current job. Actually the job that she’s referring to is not related to her college course because it’s a clerical job. I told her that she’s really for her current job because she’s a nurse and she belongs to the hospital. I was really happy with her job now because few years back she was planning to work abroad and try her luck there in any hospital staff job she can get because her sister works there also. 

Her sister believes in her so much that she wanted her to aim for even higher jobs like Medical or Health Services Manager Jobs but I told her that her 3 kids needs her care and attention here more than what money can buy with her future earnings abroad. I was actually worried that my advice would not sink in her mind as she’s already preparing her papers but God has other plans for her. She was called to report to the hospital that she applied for and in her interview she was only asked about her former job in the International Bank. She got hired and after a while she told me that she was given a regular item. She’s very happy about it and so do I.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Niece in Nursing Uniform

I’m glad to see my niece, daughter of my cousin who grew up in the same house with us. She was so sickly when she was a little girl that it feels so great seeing her with classmates in nursing uniforms. It fits her perfectly and I can say that she really looks good in her uniform. I’m still amazed every time she reads my blood pressure and advice me on how I can increase it to make it normal. Time flies so fast that the small girl I used to see playing in their house is now attending to hospital patients in her assigned duty.Now I'm thinking of my own kids and what they're going to do when they grow up.