Saturday, October 15, 2011

High Technology Education

I’m glad that hubby can now apply what he has studied upon on his electronics course. He has repaired some of our electronic appliances and last week he was able to bring my desktop computer back to running condition again. We didn’t use the desktop for one year when its power supply malfunctioned and since I had my new laptop then so we didn’t rush the repair. My husband’s repair of my desktop computer was just in time for the kids’ dilemma on their own desktop malfunction. Now they’ll using my desktop as replacement and happy that it’s faster than their own.

We’ve thought about buying discount computers few months ago because the kids can’t work on one computer only when they both have rush school assignments. But now we’re thinking it over because the other desktop is now under repair and soon they’ll have two units to work on. It led me to believe that education now is rather expensive and demands high technology because when I was studying we didn’t have to do our assignments on computers and we didn’t have to submit some of them online.


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