Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Right Job for Her

My friend in my daughter’s former school has luckily landed a good job in one of the best hospitals in the city next to our town. She thanked me endlessly because she believed that the part time job I gave her in ADB is a big factor in getting her current job. Actually the job that she’s referring to is not related to her college course because it’s a clerical job. I told her that she’s really for her current job because she’s a nurse and she belongs to the hospital. I was really happy with her job now because few years back she was planning to work abroad and try her luck there in any hospital staff job she can get because her sister works there also. 

Her sister believes in her so much that she wanted her to aim for even higher jobs like Medical or Health Services Manager Jobs but I told her that her 3 kids needs her care and attention here more than what money can buy with her future earnings abroad. I was actually worried that my advice would not sink in her mind as she’s already preparing her papers but God has other plans for her. She was called to report to the hospital that she applied for and in her interview she was only asked about her former job in the International Bank. She got hired and after a while she told me that she was given a regular item. She’s very happy about it and so do I.


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