Sunday, October 30, 2011

Special Personalized Gifts

I’ve been thinking about unique gifts for the kids since I always give them the usual clothes, toys, bags, purses and drawing kits. This coming holiday ideas of giving personalized items like customized shirts, printed bags, Personalized Stamps and other unique gifts keep coming to my thoughts. I’ve always loved receiving customized or personalized gifts because I feel so special. Last year my best friend gave me a pouch with a scrapped design of my family’s picture. I was surprised and happy to see it and looked back to remember how she got the picture from me. 

She asked for a copy of our family picture few months before I received the gift for the reason that she’s going to use it for her digital scrapping. Oh well that was halfway true because she really used it for scrapping but only for her design works but for my pouch. I find her gift priceless, very precious and more valuable than jewelry. I’m sure kids would also love seeing their name or pictures on the things and accessories that I would give them. It would surely delight them to own personalized unique belongings just like me.


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