Friday, December 30, 2011

Keeping Warm on Vacation

We had a great time vacationing in Baguio and as expected the weather is so cold it reached down to 14degrees. I’m prepared for the weather and I’ve brought not just enough warm clothes but more than we could need. I’ve brought 5 cardigans for myself only and I required the kids to bring 2-3 sweater and jackets which we used for 4 day-stay. My Mom’s friend offered her 3-storey house to the whole church congregation and we stayed there in the morning and evening only.

We stayed most of daytime outside and we returned to the house at night time. We experienced the coldest temperature at the park and we’re glad we have our down jackets with us to keep us warm enough. We had our biking and boating in the night and without the jackets we would not survive the cold. The kids want to make the most of our vacation so I agreed to stay at the park until 10 in the evening with only few people left there aside from us. When we returned home from our vacation they asked me if we can go back again this coming summer. They really had a great time.


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