Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Colorful Outdoor

Source: via Race on Pinterest

I love outdoors because it gives me a sense of fresh feeling and freedom. When I'm on weekend break from office I love to stay in our veranda because the environment is more inviting and the weather is cool even if I don't have fan with me. Well that's because of the garden beside it.

Our veranda is a favorite hang out of the kids also because they can play freely without disturbing the seniors inside the house. If they want to do their arts and crafts it's the best place for them also.

Seeing the colorful outdoor furniture above makes me wonder if I can transform our own into something like this as it creates a happy and joyful ambiance around. I love the round wooden tables made from log. Such creativity.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Town People’s Recreation Place

Few meters away from our home lies our municipality premises where the huge ground permits town people to have various activities like aerobics, sports, music schooling, biking and a lot more without having to seek permit. It’s an open place for everyone especially on weekends when there’s no office work for the municipal employees. My kids love to go there when we have spare time or if we start early in the morning. They will go there on their bikes and just roam around until it’s time for breakfast or morning snack. 

When you’re there you’ll see early risers doing their share of activities. I often smile when I see the senior ladies having their aerobics and morning walk. Others go there to play with scooters just like knee scooters at because they can play as far as they want without being disturbed. Well I just hope that nothing will be changed after few years as I love the carefree environment every weekend.

Home Repairs and Maintenance

Every weekends we try to be at home all day and do some house chores like spring cleaning, clothes washing and gardening. As my girls are big now they have their share of work which makes chores lighter and I can attend to what I love doing and that’s cooking my special recipes for the whole family. At times we also go to MIL’s house to have a short weekend vacation not just to visit kids’ granny but to relax as well. But when hubby is at home he tries to do some needed repairs and maintenance not only in the house but on the car as well. 

Both needed regular checkup and maintenance that hubby spend his day doing most of repair works. Sometimes he’s asking me for screws, tools and other things unfamiliar to me like lock washer for his little repair products. Well I try to remember my college schooling and realized I know all these things from my engineering subjects. It’s just that two decades has passed that I seem to forget some of those.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Living Social Deals:Bake and Churn Christmas Ice Cream Cake

The season for indulging has arrived and even if I want to get away from all the sweets this season I have no energy to do so lol! It’s time to satisfy your sweet cravings. Celebrate the season with luxurious 8x5 in. ice cream cake from Bake and Churn. 

Enjoy Black and White Christmas Cake, chocolate ice cream sandwiched between layers of vanilla cake, chocolate ganache and covered in rich buttercream frosting and whipped cream. 

Or have a Chocolate-Strawberry Mousse Ice Cream Cake- chocolate ice cream layered with chocolate cake, ganache, chocolate cookie crumbs, and delightful strawberry mousse. 

Get a P400-worth GC for only P200. Isn't that a great deal?  So great that I bought 4 vouchers, just love it!

Redemption period: December 7, 2012 to January 22, 2013 with blackout dates: December 22, 2012 to January 2, 2013. Claiming days/time: Monday to Saturday, 1:00PM to 9:00PM

Monday, November 26, 2012

Reminiscing the Old Happy Days

I’ve done some spring cleaning last weekend but only on our part of the house as it would take more than one day to finish the clean up of the whole house. I guess that’s the down side of old houses because we still have some things of the past 3 decades, would you believe that? Our house was renovated from Spanish style house into a modern one. My father designed it all according to his needs and the style he and Mom wants for our dream home. I remember how their friends admired our new house then- huge, beautiful and elegant. 

We have a garden in the front and a chicken house at the back where we also have fruit-bearing trees. Such a lovely house. Over the years our environment was changed and with the recent road widening on the national road major changes were done. Well life is like that, it changes over the years and we just have to enjoy what it has to offer. Now our house is a lot different from the past and though it’s not so ideal as when we first lived on it I still think it’s the best because it has memorable moments of our happy childhood when my father is still living. 

Now I’m getting sentimental again, it usually happens when I remember days with my father as i was so close to him being his look-alike in the family  Anyway I really want to buy new things for the house to form an ambiance of lively and happy atmosphere. For one I need a good premier mounts so we can place our TV and DVD and we can organize things up. I also want to change our dining set, buy kitchen appliances and a lot more new things to perk up a happy attitude. My husband was laughing at me and told me that he’s becoming nervous on the things that I want and that he should have plenty of money for those.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wants to Play Piano and Guitar

Feels so happy working at home today because my rest day falls on the day that I really want to stay home. We requested for a one day rest from a 5-day work to help the company with cost cutting and I’ve requested for the day after our bible study so I can rest after the late night activity of our church. Actually I have plenty of online work and instead of resting I dedicated my time finishing tons of work mostly article writing. 

When the kids arrived they were surprised at first seeing me in the house because in the past weeks I have a different day of rest so they’re expecting me to be at home tomorrow, Since Gen has no projects to finish she played with her piano which she regularly do when she’s free from school assignments and tasks. I love to see her playing piano but she told me that she also love to buy a guitar for her to be flexible with both.  

I’ve already canvassed for simple guitars for her and I’m planning to buy next month. I would like to buy those taylor gs mini I saw online but Gen has already decided on her choice and we only need to drop by together at the store at the mall and it will be ready. Maybe when she grows older I’ll be able to buy those that I’ve seen in online store and she will be able to handle her things with proper care.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cabalen Buffet at CashCashPinoy

Our favorite Cabalen buffet is now participating at CashCashPinoy so you can now enjoy all-day All-Filipino and Asian concept buffets at affordable price. Buy unlimited vouchers worth P1,000 for only P600/voucher which is good for 2-3 people. 

When I met with my college friends for a simple get together we ate at Cabalen in MOA and we paid almost P500 per head so this promo is really good and very affordable. Of course I enjoyed the meal as I love Filipino dishes. 

Enjoy our very own Pinoy favorites like Kare-Kare, Lechon, Bulalo, Kuhol, Crispy Crablets, Pinakbet, Kaldereta and some other viands. You can also feast on some Asian buffet like Spicy Tuna Salad, Shrimp Tempura, Tonkatsu, etc. 

For your desserts try all these leche fan, maja blanca, chocolate fondue, biko, chocolate fondue and make your own halo-halo. I've tried making my own when I we ate there but I satisfied myself with just a half cup full as I was so full myself then. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Going Back to Cold Winter After the Warm Home Vacation

Just in time for the chilling weather in their country my husband’s sister and her kids spent their vacation here. They left the winter in their place and travelled all the way from the cold England to the hot-weathered country. They’re overwhelmed with the opposite weather and always love to bask in the sun. 

I remember Megan would always compare her skin with us and wish for a darker skin just like any English girl would dream of. They prefer tanned skin than their pale white color unlike Filipinos who would spent money just to have fairer complexion. The vacationers spent more of their days hopping from one resort to another and had a great time. The kids in their teens now enjoyed their vacation now than when they were younger and they were able to appreciate being with their cousins. 

When they left the country after their 3-week vacation they’re hesitant to fix themselves up for departure. They’re sad that they’re going to go back to the cold winter with their fox jackets and other accessories to keep them warm. I saw that they’re near to tears and even joked that they would exchange airplane seats to those who want to go to England, well of course those are jokes only.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Delectable Cakes from Cheesecake

Before the most festive holiday season I just love looking at companies which offered deals and discounts as I know they really work on partnership with hundreds of stores to give special discounts to our favorite indulgence in life like food, home accessories, gadgets, clothing, bags, shoes, travel packages and a lot more. I also see plenty of discounts on having hair spa, massage therapy, facial treatment and other beauty and health packages. 

Well I’m drooling now with the current deal offered by Cheesecake, Inc. They offer their wide selection of delectable cakes at 40% off the regular price. Enjoy the following wonderful and decadent cakes for P597 instead of P995: 
- Berry Temptation Cheesecake 
- Dulce De Leche Cheesecake 
- Coffee and Cream Cheesecake 
- Mango Passion Cheesecake
- Choco True Confection 
- Oreo Cheesecake
- Chocolate Mousse 

They have branches at The Fort, Salcedo Village and Northeast Square San Juan. Voucher validity: November 22, 2012 until March 4, 2013

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Taking Care of Our Seniors

Taking care of our family is of our utmost priority and they look up to us for love, care and attention especially if they’ve reached the age of seniority. As our parents devoted their time in taking care of all our needs when we’re young so should we be when they grow old and needs caring. I learned to care after my father when he got mild stroke at an early age of 55 and he got weak on his late 60s. My Mom took care of him while taking all the responsibilities of being the sole bread winner of the family and seeing this situation in my teenage years I learned to be responsible and extra caring for the seniors and disabled. 

When my father reached the last days of his life we experienced making him use diapers when he was bedridden for a month. He was unable to reach the comfort room when he needs it so we asked him if he’ll allow us to do it. When he realized that he really needs it he agreed and we searched for the most comfortable brand for him to ease his discomfort. On those days we don’t have online access so we look for it on various stores.

Now it’s easier to search, look and compare. We can even read this review on Molicare Super Plus Diapers to help us decide which is the best unlike in the past generations when you only have your friend’s recommendation to follow. Getting the best product offline and online seems very easy nowadays and you just have to be resourceful to get the best supplier. 

Well if you’re interested for an ultimate resource for senior care you can find them all in where you’ll get parent giving store that offers medical supplies, beddings, bath safety, daily living aids, mobility devices and a lot more specifically for our senior loved ones. You can also benefit from some care giving essentials and caregiver stories that can help you care for the seniors. They also have home care providers if you need one. Just visit them for a complete source for all your requirements in taking care of your seniors. Let them enjoy growing old gracefully and full of love in their heart.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Special Christmas Fruitcake and Walnut Pie

Getting ready for the holidays? Well you can start with buying vouchers for the traditional fruitcake or a delightful nutty walnut pie. Choose any of Special Christams Fruitcake or 8-inch Walnut Pie Cake at Tasty Tuckers for PhP399 instead of PhP800, you’ll get a 50% discount. 

I grew up having those fruitcakes on our table which were mainly gifts to my Mom and Dad from their friend who frequent Binondo area. It is commonly served on our dining table during Christmas or New Year feast. Fruitcake is a combination of dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts and spices with a little alcohol to extend its shelf life. Great for keeping your spirits high. 

Tasty Tuckers’ fruitcakes are made of the finest dried and candied fruits, nuts and spices. Well you can also choose a walnut pie for a change. This pie is loaded with nuts and with a subtle taste of sweetness that you’ll keep on coming back for more. Perfect for tea or coffee. You have two flavors to choose from or you can get the two if you buy 2 vouchers. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Organized and Functional Pharmacy

I noticed that there are increasing numbers of people getting sick these days not only in my work place but in the compound as well. I can say that people are frequenting drug stores for their medicines and vitamins. We all need vitamin supplements to build immunity against prevailing sickness caused by drastic changing of weather. 

When I dropped by the newly built hypermarket I was impressed by the orderly and functional Pharmacy Design in one of the leading drug stores in the country. You can see that medicines are properly stacked and well labelled for easy access. I love the setup because even when there are plenty of customers they can cope up because they’re able to locate the needed drugs and medicine essentials.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5-Piece Stainless Steel Bowl Storage Set

I love house wares and all things connected to kitchen items and accessories as I’m fond of cooking, baking and making desserts.   Lately I’ve noticed that I need to stock up on my bowls as my present ones are showing old age already.  Since budget is of importance in buying my kitchen and dining accessories again I have to make sure that I’ll be buying wisely.  

And how wise I can get with the deals I’ve found at Metro Deals offer like this 5-Piece Stainless Steel Bowl Storage Set with Plastic Lids which I can get for 52% off , price is PhP239 instead of PhP500 with free delivery.  Now I can add my items in organizing and keeping fresh of my meals and foods.  These 5 pcs stainless steel bowl measures 10cm, 12 cm, 14 cm, 16 cm and 18 cm.  It’s perfect for gift giving also.  I just love deals and discounts, how about you?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Customized Personal and Corporate Giveaways

As the holiday season is coming up in two months time people are thinking of nice gifts for their loved ones. For some others who have stores or businesses they like to order customized giveaways that contains their products or company logo. I’m in-charge of these things in my work and most of the times I find good prices online for such giveaways like pens, fans, mugs, trading pins, key chains, bags, calendars and some other customized items. 

Holiday season brings about good business for those that specialize in doing these customized giveaways and it starts as early as August. I know this because we were notified that if we want to order personalized gift items bearing our company logo we should order as early as possible. Well I still have hundreds of customized company pens that we had on our last trade fair and we will just order some other items.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Delicious & Mouthwatering 15-inch Fatboy's Pizza

Got another deal and this time it’s from Metro Deal’s promo for Fatboy's Pizza . They offered 50% off the original price so instead of P499 I only paid P250 for 2 delicious and mouthwatering supersize 15-inch Fatboy’s Pizza. I’ve bought 2 vouchers last week but now that it’s still ongoing I’m planning to buy another two. I like buying vouchers from them because they have a branch near our place in Ever Ortigas where I also first tasted and found it. 

Well anyway these delicious hand-tossed pizzas have unique selections offering Italian and American choices and with 15 branches all over Metro Manila claiming vouchers would never be a problem. For this promo choices include Sweet Corn Pizza (loaded with Sweet Kernel Corn &mozzarella cheese) or Ham and Cheese Pizza (generously topped with Sweet ham & mozzarella cheese). 

Now when my kids saw my collection of vouchers they got excited. I have Brownies Unlimited and Don Benito’s Cassava Cakes alongside this Fatboy’s Pizza.  I really love deals.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Learning About Wine Making

I was reading a book about fruits and how to extract pure juices from them. I’m into learning how to introduce juices in my health diet plans and I want to see if it will work on me. I always search for the things that I want to try because reviews and opinions help in learning things. It’s up to me how I weigh those reviews and personal remarks. Well I also read about wine making and how it’s done where the quality of grapes should be at its best, the processing and the aging of wine. As they say the older the better. I’m just curious about how they stock them according to age and the type of wine. 

There’s so much to learn about wine making and I also came to know that even wine corks should be chosen and made carefully starting with the materials used and the process of making them. It’s good to know the kind of corks and how they label them with decorative pattern. I should say that wine making is not easy and it should be done with meticulous care from the wine itself up to the bottle, corks and the labeling. Now when I see a bottle of wine I will be able to imagine the process it has gone through before it’s shipped to stores for selling to consumers. This holiday is a good season for wine selling as it’s one of the preferred gifts during these times.

Brownies Unlimited

Got a  deal again last Sept. 28 when my fave brownies offered 30% discount for their Two (2) 12-premium pack pre-assorted brownies. It's my second time to get deals from Brownies Unlimited and as always it feels good to grab discounts especially with these yummy pastries. 

As a treat to their returning customers like me, they will again delight our sweet cravings for their moist, flavorful brownies topped with marshmallows and nuts. My kids love it when I take these brownies for pasalubong. With the pack you'll get the following flavors: 2 pcs Walnut Swirl, 2 pcs Choc O' Chips, 2 pcs Triple Chocolate, 2 pcs New York Fudge, 2 pcs Espresso, and 2 pcs Kriss Kross.

This is available in their 20 location branches and of course I choose the nearest location in my office and that's in SM Megamall where I always take my fx taxi on my way home.  This promo is valid October 10, 2012 to November 20, 2012 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Keeping Safe at All Times

In our town where some of the roads are always congested with traffic jams some people have resorted to using their motorcycle for short travels and also for coming to office. My friend does it every day and she just makes sure that it’s always in good condition. I always tell her that she should have quality tires like michelin motorcycle tires because she passes through an avenue where there are plenty of excavation and on-going road construction and her motorcycle may run through gravel and wires when she squeezed in the space while passing through the traffic. 

Motorists are known to be impatient sometimes with the movement of cars that they always pass even where there’s only exact space for them causing hazard risk on both the next car and to them. I just want her to be safe as I don’t approve it in the first place to be her transportation going to work. As she won’t listen to me I told her to do all measures to be safe at all times.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Don Benito's Cassava Cakes

I bought P500 GC from Ensogo at P249 only, this is really a great deal.  I've tasted this yummy cassava cakes when my pal and officemate brought us one tray of delectable cassava macapuno and we asked her to buy each one of us as we didn't know a branch close to our office location.  Then Ensogo came with this 50% off deal and we bought several vouchers last week (sorry for the late posting). Thanks for paypal for making our purchase as convenient as ever unlike when you have to deposit and email the scanned copy of deposit slip.

See the pictures? They're as yummy as in real bite :) So for my P500 GC I can get 3 big-size cassava cakes plus few additional pesos.  Well if it's of interest prices for these 3 flavors are:

Cheese Cassava - P180
Langka - P200
Macapuno - P200

My only problem is when will I use my voucher as we can't eat the 3 cakes in one or two days so I'll wait for an occasion or maybe I'll give the other cakes as pasalubong.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love Listening to SImple Guitar Keys

I love music and when I heard a group singing my favorite music and accompanied by musical instruments I find myself hooked to watching how the musicians played their piece of instrument. I’m used to having electric guitars in our church when we held our Sunday fellowship but when we’re out of town or just enjoying bible sharing on the prayer garden I prefer the old school acoustic guitar because it’s more carefree and simple. 

When we’re in prayer garden doing some of our outdoor church activities we just love to hear some music through simple guitar keys that’s why my church mates proposed that we bought another acoustic for our-of-church activities. Our musicians are now looking for quality brands like Ibanez Artwood as they want it to be very durable for travelling and for long-time usage. There are various kinds available in the market and they’re hoping that they can find one with quality and not so expensive.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sweet Mom’s Banana Loaves

For those who loves bread and pastries like me and who want to try scrumptious banana cakes with a twist you can try Sweet Mom’s Banana Loaves made with the finest ingredients, delicious, fresh and home-made. As they offer 50% off their bread you can stock plenty of these delectable banana loaves in your kitchen. You can choose from the following discounted packages: 

P100 for 1 Banana Loaf (P200 value) 
P188 for 2 Banana Loaves (P400 value) 
P270 for 3 Banana Loaves (P600 value) 

Start buying coupons now as you can redeem this immediately on the 26th of this month and no need to worry about buying plenty of coupons as it’s valid until January 26, 2012. Please be reminded to reserve your orders 2 days in advance. This is for pick-up orders only. Available in Groupon Philippines deals.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Comfortable Place to Stay

During summer and humid weather we stay in our veranda most of the time because the air is cooler and you can see the plants and flowers surrounding it. Since we’re young it’s the best place for us to stay where we entertain our friends, play board games, sing, have picnic and every recreation we thought of doing. Now that I have kids we still love that certain area in our house but the steel garden furniture isn’t enough for the kids because they want more relaxing sofa to seat on or some patio cushions to give them softness and warmth when they stay late in the afternoon or at night. We really have to add some outdoor furniture as the kids are growing up fast and they need more for their school friends when they visit the house. Their friends want to stay outside because they’re more comfortable there than inside the house

Meat Tenderizer at CHEFS

Are you tired of cooking hard meat or do you need less time in cooking? Well as a working Mom I always do house chores in scheduled time because I have to cook for my family but at the same time I have to rush for my 8-5 office work. It’s sometimes difficult but you really have to do it all and you’ll learn that everything can be done in careful planning and right time schedule. So for Moms like me who is always on the go this meat tenderizer can be such a favorite when you want to cook the meat in lesser time. I love kitchen accessories which can help me not just time but energy as well and this one is just perfect. No worries now if they want tender meat on the table as you can prepare and cook it faster now.

Having Your Own Website

Having your own site now is a trend especially when you’re up to something. Your site can be your personal diary, your journal of your kids’ activities, a list of your travel adventures or can be a business site where you can showcase your products. Whatever it is creating a website free can be a great help especially if you’re just starting out your own site. Well when I started blogging 5 years ago I find it very exciting and I learned many things which include creating my own site, buying a domain and earning some bucks writing articles. So when you create and run your own site you’re actually opening yourself to a lot of good opportunities in life for personal or for commercial reasons.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Easy Cooking with SmartMeasure Cup

When I'm cooking my desserts or baking simple cupcakes I find it hard to add and weigh extra ingredients when I have already mixed the items and I'm already preparing the recipe. Now with SmartMeasure Cup baking is easier because I can do both while preparing what I have to bake. In the past I will list how much have I mixed and before adding liquids I have to make sure that they're the right amount and list them all again. It's a tasking process while with this SmartMeasure Cup life is easier. I'll be more inspired if I have this in my kitchenn

Simply Elegant Puzzle Ring

I’m fond of solving puzzles and I passed it on to my kids which they do on their free time. It’s a good mind game just like their various educational games that we play as family. It’s not only healthy on the minds but healthy for family relationship as well. It serves as a bonding game for all of us instead of online games which decreases some creativity in us. 

As puzzle excites us so do this puzzle ring that I run through while browsing online for gift ideas. I though it’s a toy but when I looked on the site I admired the jewelry craftsmanship they did to the ring. I love looking at the four sterling bands intertwined to form a ring. It’s simply elegant and perfect for gifts to your loved ones. This one might be a good friendship ring also for your best friend.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Camp Meeting Tents

We’re now having our dedicated meeting in the church concerning our December fellowship. We’re not quite sure if we will spend in Baguio or in the hilly areas in nearby towns. Wherever it might be I’m searching for durable tents to carry with us on that occasion because it’s easier and comfortable if you have a ready tent wherever you go. The kids will also be happy to stay in tent like the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 which is perfect for hikers, mountaineers and campers like us. We’ve grown used to bringing tents and putting them up nicely in one area on our fellowship venues. This way we can be sure of extra sleeping areas when the place we rented doesn’t have enough for us all.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Upscale Home Décor

You know a grand home when you see one – usually they are in the better neighborhoods, the sort of places where they host house and garden tours. Every room is impeccably decorated with custom upholstery, bedding and window treatments and the rooms are warm and inviting. The bathrooms are equally attractive with spa-like bathroom fixtures and showers featuring multiple showerheads, fluffy towels and elegant appointments such as towel warmers. Oftentimes you leave wondering thinking that it must be awfully nice to live that way and the interesting thing to note is that with a little bit of savvy shopping you actually can enjoy some of the very same amenities found in the finest homes.

Towel warmers are a great example – this exotic import had a pretty humble start; most of the older stone homes throughout Europe lacked central heat and bathing could be mighty chilly. To make it more comfortable many of the better hotels and nicer homes installed towel warmers so you could emerge from the bath and surround yourself in a hot, fluffy towel to take the edge off the chill. Hot or cold, a warm towel is a simple delight and there are many towel warmers designed specifically for home use. Take a look online at the websites of the stores where you normally buy your bed and bath goods and you will find a many different models. There are freestanding towel warmers along with wall-mount and countertop models so there is certain to be one to fit your bathroom.
Multiple showerheads may be more than your budget can handle plus they may require a plumber to install but you can enjoy an enhanced bath or shower experience with the addition of a handheld showerhead.

Home Tips on Cleaning Fish

My daughter Gen loves tilapia fish and she loves cleaning it when I buy from our fish vendor. Not all people like doing it and I’m lucky that we have one who always volunteer to do the cleaning. Anyway our fish vendor cleans it for me if I request him but Gen told me not because she loves doing it herself. I taught her how to do it the first time she asked me to. Here are some guides on how to clean fish properly:

1. Soak the fish in a basin full of water before scaling. This prevents the scales from scattering.
2. With a sharp knife. Scale the fish. Holding the head, start from the tail toward the head.
3. After the fish is thoroughly scaled, get a cutting board.
4. Make an incision in the stomach of the fish to draw the entrails.
5. Remove the gills.
6. Wash the inside and outside thoroughly. Avoid letting the fish stand in water after washing.
7. Cut the fish into desired pieces for the recipe.

After cleaning the fish you’re now ready to cook the desired recipe. You can cook delicious fish recipes such as broiled fish, sinigang, adobong pusit, pinangat, fish relleno, rebosado, omelette, rellenong pusit, sarciado, pesang dalag, escabeche, camaron rebosado, fish pesa or you can just grill or fry it.

When Singing and Praising

There’s a new group of born-again Christian who rented the upper floor of the building. They had taken the 5th floor which was previously used by us. We were a little worried that when we’re both in praising time it would be so noisy. Well the singing and instruments were spared because we have different time of praising and message. For me praising songs should not be too noisy or the instruments shouldn’t be louder than the brethren’s voices. Sometimes our tendency to over volume makes for loud amps which is ok for grand fellowship where you can be heard by thousands of people but for small group it should be balanced sounds around the room.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Praying for Home Safety

I’m comfortably working at home on late nights or early dawn like these but now I can’t sleep thinking that anytime floods can come to our place. The nightmare of previous big flood caused by Typhoon Ondoy kept rushing through my mind which gives me energy to make preparations for anything that may happen to us. Just sad a little that after three years from that flood tragedy that affected Metropolis and nearby areas some people still can’t recover from it. 

We finally renovated our old kitchen last summer and arrange everything in our living, dining and other corners of our house. But now if we will transfer to the second floor of our house when flood comes we’ll have to arrange some of our things there to accommodate volume of our things. Still praying that it will not flood here.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Economical Ink

We’re doing the little boy’s assignment when we learned that we’ve run out of ink to print the finished work. The ink of our printer surprisingly ran out easily and I wonder if the supposed original is just the same. I’ve used laserjet ink cartridges in the office for more than 10 years and I can say that it’s more economical to use than inkjet, the reason why offices prefer LaserJet over inkjet. Well we both have one in our office and if I need bulk of documents for printing I use our LaserJet printer. Anyway our neighbour who owns the printing shop where my kids always go for printing suggested that we convert our old printer into continuous style where inks are affordable.

Sweet Smelling Home Office

I love working in an environment of sweet smelling room because the fragrant smell made me think more clearly and come up with nice ideas. I guess every writer has the same flair for a nice place to work with because in writing you just don’t think and write because you need to be inspired in order to write better. We called our mood for writing as mojo and without it we just found ourselves reading and thinking but no word come out of the pen. Now if I always want a fragrant ambiance on my home office I can also choose a perfume for myself that will extend the smell on areas around me.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Indefinite Weather

This week has given us a cold weather and indefinite change of season. Most of the times heavy rains would come then it will shine immediately. There was not a sign of storm coming in the country but it suddenly turned into a Typhoon and there were floods all over metropolis. Sometimes it would get really cold that I wish we have corner electric fireplaces I can light to ease the cold feeling in my body. It was also the same wish I have when we had a vacation the coldest area in the country. I really can’t bear too much cold because on prolonged period I get chills all over. I’m just glad that DH is always beside me to assist me when I get sick.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Enjoy Life

At the end of a tiring workday there’s no place like home where you can have relaxing time with the family watching tv, sharing yummy foods, bonding and laughing until your jaw aches and your stomach hurts. Really a family can make your day happy and at the end of the afternoon it’s what gives me energy to beat the hardship of getting myself an easy ride home.

Work is a habit to me and everything just pass to me as something that can be finished at the end of the day or a week. What exhausts me sometimes is my ride back home. In my place of work it’s not that easy. I’m just thankful after several months I’ve grown used to it and somehow learned how to make it easier. That’s life – you just have to find ways on making it as enjoyable as cold lemon tea on a hot summer day. Most important is you enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Future Driver of the Family

When we’re driving to our venue site for our thanksgiving fellowship we asked Josh about driving lessons. We told him that he should learn how to drive early so he could help his dad when driving through a long distance journey. We’re just teasing of course because he’s only in his third grade and he’s so young but he answered us that he would really love to learn driving. Anyway I know that when he reached his middle teen years he’ll really start driving and when it happens I would have vehicle tracking devices for him to ensure his safety. I will not worry too much if I’ll be able to know his driving speed and location always. When he reached a more matured age I will not require him to have it anymore because he’s more responsible and careful by then. Here I am thinking of future years for my little boy when my heart always wants him as my little baby boy.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Discovering Site for Hard to Find Items

We still have two months to go before the start of the longest holiday in town which is Christmas season. Anyway many would be delighted to know that as early as now some people searched for their holiday ornaments so when the time came that they can put in all their decors it will not be rush for them. Now if you’re looking for unique Christmas ornaments like white cord led christmas lights you can find them all at hard to find items store. They will satisfy your needs and requirements for ornaments and others.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wearing Proper Attire and Accessories

To be on top of fashion one must know how to dress properly according to age and to her work. In an office environment it is a requirement to follow certain dress code implemented by officers assigned. It is done to have uniformity and to ensure that all will follow and wear proper working attire. I’ve gone through various companies and I can say that my latest company has the best scheme for employees to look formal and stylish too.

The company actually requires the sales and marketing people to wear their best office attire when meeting clients. Along with the best attire they also accessorize themselves with real and fashion jewelry like slane jewelry to match their attire. They should be able to represent the company well and they can only do it when they look as responsible and as dedicated always.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Protection Against Glare and Others

Last month I decided to buy a set of branded eyeglasses because of the influence of some friends. They told me that it fits me so well so when I thought about it I told myself that it’s a gift to myself for working so hard offline and online. Anyway even if the eyeglasses are a bit expensive it really fits my face and personality. I also love the purple color and has the idea that it makes me look younger. 

Now I also need a pair of nice sun glasses which I can use for my various field works. It’s hard to be out of the office and always encountering intense heat of the sun. I’m asking my supplier of eyeglasses if they can get me an equally good sunglasses like native lenses which is not only comfortable and durable but gives optimum protection against glare as well. Hope it will save me from drastic effects of sun’s radiating heat when I’m out.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Using Tofu on Vegetable Recipes

If you’re a vegetarian person or trying to maintain a healthy diet devoid or less of red meat you can try what I’m doing for my meals. If you want to mix something to vegetables to make it more delicious without meat try adding breaded tofu instead of meat. You’ll only dip tofu squares to little soy sauce, roll in breading then fry.

This way you’ll enjoy veggies without the meat ingredients but with a taste that’s almost equal. Tofu or bean curd is very healthy too because they are made from soy milk. It’s a good source of protein and low in calories, perfect for dieters like me. It has also a good amount of iron, calcium and magnesium and best of all it contains little fat. For me it’s a wonder food and seeing its nutrient contents I’ve collected and experimented on several tofu recipes.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Small Accessories on the Interiors

I love decorating the house but my time is limited so when I want to grab for ideas I do it online. Since my kitchen has gone renovation last summer I’m now thinking of my next project for the house. We’re saving again for the kitchen floor and maybe on some parts of the house again if our budget would allow it. Now the school fees are taking the toll of our financial expenses because the kids are all enrolled in private Christian schools and DH is studying again for his degree on secondary education major in TLE.
So maybe I’ll just spend my time on small accessories for the interiors like beautiful paintings, vases, lights or even wall fireplace if there’s a need someday. I know that this is only possible on the northern part of the country where there’s cold weather but who knows? Anyway it could always be a beautiful accessory so it will not be a problem. I want a warm and cosy ambiance on our house and it would certainly add a bit of warmth in the area.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Using Left-Over Foods to Prepare Meal

When we talk of being economical there’s one way of doing it that I think wouldn’t cost you a lot. Look into your kitchen and refrigerator and there you will see left-over foods that can be used or cooked again to prepare a quick meal. Left over vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, and crab meat are good to serve for luncheon or supper. They are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. You can prepare left-overs for lunch or dinner, to save money and food.

When you have left-over crab meat, you can make it into omelette for luncheon or supper. Crab meat may also be sauted with sitsaro or abitsuelas and pork. Left-over boiled vegetables may be served as salads or omelets. Left-over boiled eggplant can be prepared into omelette for supper. Boiled beans can be prepared with mixed vegetable salad. You can prepare appetizing left-over dishes out of meat. You can use left-over chicken meat for chicken salad.

However, much food value is lost when cooked food is cooked again. As much as possible, avoid heating the food several times before serving it.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Additional School Requirements

Now that my daughters are into their second week of school classes they’re giving me a list of their requirements for their various academic and other subjects. They’re asking to drop by the nearest bookstore to buy their clear books, sketch pads, scrapbook supplies, maps and other art supplies. 

They also told me that they need a more advanced digital camera for their digital photography class. We have a 16MP point and shoot digicam with normal zoom capacity but they need a larger zoom for enhanced shooting even at long distance range. I’m still coping up with fees for the enrolment fees, books and supplies and I still have to wait for online work blessings to be able to buy a new digicam.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Healthy Vegetables

Vegetables are important in our diet. They contain a large percentage of the vitamins and minerals needed by the body. They contain vitamins A and C. The yellow vegetables contain vitamin A. The green leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin C. Some vegetables contain carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, corn, camote, gabi and ubi. And some are rich in cellulose like okra, string beans and other legumes. These also help in the regular bowel movement. For easy digestion of food you need vegetables that contain water like upo, patola and cucumber.

Vegetables are classified into green or succulent and starchy. Green or succulent vegetables are patolas, radish, onions, tomatoes and upo which are also watery vegetables and has two kinds; mild-flavored like lettuce and strong flavored like cabbage and onions. On the other hand starchy vegetables include potatoes, camote, squash and corn which I'm sure is self-explanatory why they're called starchy.

When it comes to cooking vegetables, cook them just right because overcooking spoils their flavor and appearance. It also destroys their vitamin content. Those vegetable which easily lose their vitamin and mineral content when cooking should be served raw and usually used in preparing salads like cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, celery, green pepper, onions, pechay, kinchay and lettuce.

For people who need to shed excess pounds it's better to eat more vegetables and less meat.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Contributions to Music Ministry

With all the musical instruments my kids are getting their interest on I sometimes wonder how they’re going to learn them all at once. I was laughing at them when they told me that they want to learn how to play guitar and enhance their keyboard playing skills. I told them that they couldn’t do it at the same time. It’s better if they concentrate on one instrument then proceeds to another when they already grasped the first one. Well kids are like that they always want to have everything at once even when it comes to learning things. 

Well I love to see them taking interest on playing the instruments as they could play in the church soon. As of now the church is planning to replace old instruments so by the time they know how to play the instruments maybe they could help in the music ministry. Anyway as of our last meeting we will list all instruments and categorize them according to functionality then we can buy good quality replacements like Egnater Tweaker and some other musical instruments and accessories. I hope that we’ll be able to do it soon for better praising and singing. Musical instruments have a lot to contribute for a more active music ministry in the church.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Why You Need Food?

You don’t just eat your food because you like it but you must eat because food is important to keep you strong, healthy, and active. Good food increases your chance to succeed in life. It gives you energy to work and resistance to combat sickness. When you are healthy it is easier for you to realize your dreams and goals in life. I learned that your health depends on the kinds of food that you eat. You enjoy good health when you eat food rich in nutrients that your body needs. Once your body lacks these essential food nutrients, you suffer from ill health.

You need food to supply the normal processes of your body like beating of your heart, circulation of the blood, breathing, digestion, absorption of food, elimination of waste products and maintaining the normal temperature of the body. You’ll suffer from illness once you don’t supply your body with adequate food.

You also need food to make you grow in height and weight, to make your hair, muscles and bones grow and to repair the tissues and worn-out muscles in your body. When you become sick you’ll wear out tissues thus you’ll become thin and pale. There are other reasons why you need food and besides meeting the needs of your body you also need to eat adequate amount of food so it can give you an opportunity for exchange of ideas and pleasantries with family members during mealtime. Eating together and having companionship among members of the family at mealtimes gives you the feeling of satisfaction in daily living

Monday, May 28, 2012

Old Drum Set

The musicians in the church held a meeting about the instruments and finalized the inventory of the list of musical instruments and their ages. We realized that most of our instruments are serving us for several years already and maybe that’s the reason why they’re showing signs of retiring. The current drum set we’re using was a gift from my own brother and if I’m not mistaken we’ve been using it for a decade and a half. 

One of us canvassed the price of a new one and replacement parts for the used drum sets. It turned out that it’s more economical if we buy a new set than replacing the broken parts of the existing instrument. We’re being offered a nice price for the new one and we can save for it in the coming months. My little boy wants us to buy the old one so he can practice in the big real drum set at home.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saving for New Amplifiers

We’ve moved our Sunday service to upper 5th floor for the meantime as the big place is vacant for months now. We have arranged that we’ll still keep the 4th floor rooms but borrowed the bigger and upper rooms for our weekly fellowship. It’s three times bigger than our real rented place and we enjoy a more scenic view of Metropolis. More often when the glass windows are open the air just blows freely on the whole place and you’ll feel like you’re in some hills or top scenic spot. We’re enjoying our new place and as long as no one rents the place we can use it. 

We’ll be holding our first meeting next week perhaps to talk about the status of our musical instruments because last week our amplifiers malfunctioned. If we could only buy Egnater as soon as possible then we’ll have no problem. Well we have to save money to buy a high quality guitar amplifiers but for now our Pastor brought it to his repair man and hopefully it will be a minor repair only. We still have many things to discuss about buying and maintaining musical instruments and I hope the next meeting will generate positive results and solutions.

Taking Care of Our Health

It’s nice to be home on weekends especially after a week of work and never ending daily activities. When I’m home I move around like there’s a clock on my back pushing me to move faster than ever because I have to cook for my kids and go to office for work. Being a working Mom is a hard career to take but very fulfilling. You just have to be disciplined in your health as you need to be strong always to sustain your work and at the same time energetic enough to still take care of kids while you’re at home. 

As long as you take care of yourself properly, eat well balanced foods, exercise more often and sleep for 6-8 hours you’ll be healthy and fit. It’s also a big factor if you stay out of vices that will later make your body resistance weak. Some can take humidor and still feel healthy because it depends on the usage that’s why I’m worried with my BIL whom upon my observance I learned that he’s using not just daily but frequently in a day. He’s a good person and very skilled in many ways and I just wished that he’ll realize how it will affect his health.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Knowing How to Secure Our Family at Home

Lately I noticed that many people are dropping by the house to offer anything that they need to sell. Since we’re located just beside the national highway we’re susceptible to various kinds of marketing strategies posed by vendors and sales staff. Some of them would just stay at the gate but others would request for a short time to discuss their products. I’ve experienced talking to agents of real estate,cheap term life insurance, jewelry, buyers of old coins and even members of particular religion that roams around our district to convince people that they’re the right way to spiritual enlightenment. 

Anyway with these people around just within our small district I sometimes fear that some of them may pose a real threat to our security. Three of the houses within our compound experienced being robbed of during early dawn and we surmised that robbers may be few of those who round up our compound during the day and probe on the things that can be taken when people are all asleep. We should really think of ways on securing our properties within the compound and construct extra gates on possible entrance of these bad elements. I’ve discussed this thing with my relatives and I’m hoping that they will realize the importance of security in all places that we live in.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kids’ Enrollment

I’m very satisfied with the renovation in my kitchen and it will be few days left and we’re finished. I’ve spent the day estimating our expenses with the kitchen renovation and the kids’ school fees. I’ve enrolled the kids yesterday even if I’m on sick leave from office because I thought that I should make use of my time to have them registered and to pay for their fees. I brought the three kids with me but I managed to pay for the little boy only as the cashier went on a break. DH would pay next week if he can spare some of his time. 

Anyway the school would only look for the receipt on June so there’s really no worry. On our way home from the two schools I was offered a womens perfume to try and later buy it if I liked it. I love colognes and perfumes and since the perfume is not that expensive I tried it. The perfume scent reminded me of a gift from my godmother and immediately liked it. Nice marketing strategy I should say to let the consumer try it first.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home Repairs and Restoration

Mom will have her birthday at the end of this month and in preparation for her birthday we had some of the areas in the house repaired and furniture restored. She’s happy with the results of the newly painted, varnished and repaired furniture. As they’re my Dad’s creations it feels good that it was restored to former beauty. They’re all made of quality wood furniture and it actually saved us quite some money because if we bought new dining set it would cost us more especially if we will buy the same kind. 

During the repair we organized and borrowed equipment and tools to help us quicken the restoration. I don’t know if they’ve used the spanner wrench there because I’m not that familiar with construction and industrial tools. Anyway I’m just happy with our newly-restored furniture and I heard my kids saying that the set is really beautiful.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bake and Churn Ice Cream Cakes

Finally reserved Bake and Churn's Black Forest ice cream cake for which I used my Ensogo voucher. I bought it last February and almost forgot about it and when I printed the voucher I was relieved that it will expire on the 15th of this month. I'm fond of buying good deals and found this one really tempting. I bought the PhP400-worth gift certificate applicable on any Dome Ice Cream Cake for PhP200 only. I have various choices of their cake flavors like: 

Chocolate Mousse
Mango Madness 
Strawberry Cheesecake 
Midnight Cookies & Cream 
French Chocolate
Rocky Road 
Ube Classic 
Red Velvet 
Black Forest 
Cookies and Cream

My family has a sweet tooth and they will love this double treat - an ice cream and a cake in one. Dome Ice Cream Cakes (worth P530) are decadent layers of cake and ice cream topped with whipped cream, nuts, fruits and other delightful stuff. Need not worry about melting because Ice Cream Cake stays in form for as long as three hours in room temperature when kept inside their specially designed box.