Monday, January 30, 2012

He Loves to Sing

The kids love to spend free time on weekends on singing on the magic sing given to them by their Grampy. We’re planning to buy a chip which consists of hundreds of inspirational songs when we have saved money for it as it’s expensive. They love to sing but sometimes they want to use the microphone at the same time that’s why I’m also searching for one or two so they can sing all at the same time.

I really laughed at my little boy when he’s teary eyed when it’s not his turn and he wants to sing. I’m glad to note that I can find some good ones online like the audix i5 which can give us smooth and clear sounds just perfect for my little boy. I’m sure he’ll be happy to have his special microphone all to himself and he can sing with his siblings anytime he wants.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Our clothes spin dryer is showing signs of old age :) meaning it's not operating at it's best so we need to plan if we're going for a repair or buy a new one. Since we have a separate washer the need for replacement is not that immediate. I was thinking of buying a Fully Automatic Washing Machine because my daughters are now teenagers and will be able to manage the machine when they want to wash their own clothes. It's easy and convenient and will give us ease in washing our clothes no matter how busy we are.

Here are some of my choices:

6.2kg Fully Automatic
Tempered Glass Window
6.2kg Double storm Pulsator
Stainless Steel tub
Air turbo drying system
6 program
Diamond drum
Priced at PhP 11,695.00

9.0 Kg Fully Automatic

Water Pufifying FilterLint
Digital Display
Detergent Dispenser  
Anti-Bacterial Double Pulsator
All Plastic Cabinet
Direct Touch Control
Stainless Steel Hole-Less Tub
Water Filter
Priced at PhP18,998.00 

There are several other models but I'm just choosing between my budgetary allocation and specific requirements.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beautiful Accessories for Business

My sister's office mate works hard to alleviate their financial status. His wife takes care of their kids and to increase their family’s income he thought of making bracelets and some accessories using beads that he bought from a direct supplier. He and his wife started the business with a small capital and do just enough to sell then they will again create some more when there’s capital turn around. He sells their products to officemates, neighbors , friends and whoever wants their pretty accessories. I’m sure if he will know about this pandora charms clearance he’ll be interested with it as he’s looking for some new ideas and materials for their bracelets. He knows that to maintain his clients he should always come up with new style and designs.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feel at Home with His Toys

My little boy loves to play and when he plays he gathers up plenty of his toys and arranges them accordingly in his small table. He can play on his own and with friends as well as he can adjust himself easily with people. As he was playing he suddenly remembered his multi color yoyo and asked me if it’s possible that yo yo factory will be included in his future educational tour itinerary. 

I laughed and told him that it’s possible that they can visit it on their trips but school administration would think that there are better educational tour places to visit. Anyway now I’m starting to search location of the nearest factory Josh has been asking for.