Monday, March 5, 2012

Good Store for Shopping

I’ve spent few hours in the supermarket last weekend to buy food supplies for the whole family. I left the house late in the afternoon so I decided to buy meat and vegetables in my favorite supermarket because it’s too hot and rather late in the public market. Since I eat mostly vegetables I have to buy stocks good for one week in case I get too busy at work. My sister asked me to include her in my healthy meal plan so I added up some more for her so she can bring veggie lunch in her office.

When I finished my shopping I realized that there’s a long line for payment because it’s also payday weekend and volume of shoppers are really expected. I’m thinking of backing out but when I saw that cashiers were very efficient and fast I stayed on the line. I’m glad that they’ve improved their POS system and they have new quality barcode scanner, reliable and fast receipt printer and very accommodating staff. Every time I shop at that grocery store I feel good and satisfied not only with the goods but with the whole management and staff. Hope they will stay that good for a long time.


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