Saturday, March 17, 2012

Making Progress on My Healthy Diet Plan

When my doctor learned that I’m on the overweight status as per my annual physical exam she suggested that I eat plenty of vegetable and fruits instead of sweet foods. I really need to lose some excess pounds and from thereon I decided to make my own diet plan. I don’t want any form of dieting except through eating the right kind of food so I started my own healthy meal plan. My healthy diet is not only for slimming purposes but for health reasons as well.

Now I’m planning to try what they commonly called juicing in which you can detox yourself. I’m just waiting for the time that I’ll be available in the house. I don’t want to drink them when I’m at work and I’m afraid that I will be hungry with liquids only for a day. Anyway I’m looking for weighing scale like the lab scale at because I need to weigh myself more often so I’ll be able to see whether my vegetable diet is really working to me.

I want to believe what my neighbours and friends are telling me that I look thinner than before but I still have to continue with what I’m eating and doing so the progress will be stable. Who knows I might reach my goal of losing 30 lbs. In 10 months. I just need some discipline and patience to finally achieve my goal.


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