Monday, July 23, 2012

Enjoy Life

At the end of a tiring workday there’s no place like home where you can have relaxing time with the family watching tv, sharing yummy foods, bonding and laughing until your jaw aches and your stomach hurts. Really a family can make your day happy and at the end of the afternoon it’s what gives me energy to beat the hardship of getting myself an easy ride home.

Work is a habit to me and everything just pass to me as something that can be finished at the end of the day or a week. What exhausts me sometimes is my ride back home. In my place of work it’s not that easy. I’m just thankful after several months I’ve grown used to it and somehow learned how to make it easier. That’s life – you just have to find ways on making it as enjoyable as cold lemon tea on a hot summer day. Most important is you enjoy it.


Ciela said...

Beautiful family! Race, just can't believe your kiddos are already that grown-ups now. How time flies!

Aggie said...

That's my problem too if ever I will go back to the workforce - I dont think Ill have the strength and patience to commute anymore. Nice family picture - mas matangkad na ung panganay mo sayo!

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