Monday, May 28, 2012

Old Drum Set

The musicians in the church held a meeting about the instruments and finalized the inventory of the list of musical instruments and their ages. We realized that most of our instruments are serving us for several years already and maybe that’s the reason why they’re showing signs of retiring. The current drum set we’re using was a gift from my own brother and if I’m not mistaken we’ve been using it for a decade and a half. 

One of us canvassed the price of a new one and replacement parts for the used drum sets. It turned out that it’s more economical if we buy a new set than replacing the broken parts of the existing instrument. We’re being offered a nice price for the new one and we can save for it in the coming months. My little boy wants us to buy the old one so he can practice in the big real drum set at home.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saving for New Amplifiers

We’ve moved our Sunday service to upper 5th floor for the meantime as the big place is vacant for months now. We have arranged that we’ll still keep the 4th floor rooms but borrowed the bigger and upper rooms for our weekly fellowship. It’s three times bigger than our real rented place and we enjoy a more scenic view of Metropolis. More often when the glass windows are open the air just blows freely on the whole place and you’ll feel like you’re in some hills or top scenic spot. We’re enjoying our new place and as long as no one rents the place we can use it. 

We’ll be holding our first meeting next week perhaps to talk about the status of our musical instruments because last week our amplifiers malfunctioned. If we could only buy Egnater as soon as possible then we’ll have no problem. Well we have to save money to buy a high quality guitar amplifiers but for now our Pastor brought it to his repair man and hopefully it will be a minor repair only. We still have many things to discuss about buying and maintaining musical instruments and I hope the next meeting will generate positive results and solutions.

Taking Care of Our Health

It’s nice to be home on weekends especially after a week of work and never ending daily activities. When I’m home I move around like there’s a clock on my back pushing me to move faster than ever because I have to cook for my kids and go to office for work. Being a working Mom is a hard career to take but very fulfilling. You just have to be disciplined in your health as you need to be strong always to sustain your work and at the same time energetic enough to still take care of kids while you’re at home. 

As long as you take care of yourself properly, eat well balanced foods, exercise more often and sleep for 6-8 hours you’ll be healthy and fit. It’s also a big factor if you stay out of vices that will later make your body resistance weak. Some can take humidor and still feel healthy because it depends on the usage that’s why I’m worried with my BIL whom upon my observance I learned that he’s using not just daily but frequently in a day. He’s a good person and very skilled in many ways and I just wished that he’ll realize how it will affect his health.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Knowing How to Secure Our Family at Home

Lately I noticed that many people are dropping by the house to offer anything that they need to sell. Since we’re located just beside the national highway we’re susceptible to various kinds of marketing strategies posed by vendors and sales staff. Some of them would just stay at the gate but others would request for a short time to discuss their products. I’ve experienced talking to agents of real estate,cheap term life insurance, jewelry, buyers of old coins and even members of particular religion that roams around our district to convince people that they’re the right way to spiritual enlightenment. 

Anyway with these people around just within our small district I sometimes fear that some of them may pose a real threat to our security. Three of the houses within our compound experienced being robbed of during early dawn and we surmised that robbers may be few of those who round up our compound during the day and probe on the things that can be taken when people are all asleep. We should really think of ways on securing our properties within the compound and construct extra gates on possible entrance of these bad elements. I’ve discussed this thing with my relatives and I’m hoping that they will realize the importance of security in all places that we live in.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kids’ Enrollment

I’m very satisfied with the renovation in my kitchen and it will be few days left and we’re finished. I’ve spent the day estimating our expenses with the kitchen renovation and the kids’ school fees. I’ve enrolled the kids yesterday even if I’m on sick leave from office because I thought that I should make use of my time to have them registered and to pay for their fees. I brought the three kids with me but I managed to pay for the little boy only as the cashier went on a break. DH would pay next week if he can spare some of his time. 

Anyway the school would only look for the receipt on June so there’s really no worry. On our way home from the two schools I was offered a womens perfume to try and later buy it if I liked it. I love colognes and perfumes and since the perfume is not that expensive I tried it. The perfume scent reminded me of a gift from my godmother and immediately liked it. Nice marketing strategy I should say to let the consumer try it first.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home Repairs and Restoration

Mom will have her birthday at the end of this month and in preparation for her birthday we had some of the areas in the house repaired and furniture restored. She’s happy with the results of the newly painted, varnished and repaired furniture. As they’re my Dad’s creations it feels good that it was restored to former beauty. They’re all made of quality wood furniture and it actually saved us quite some money because if we bought new dining set it would cost us more especially if we will buy the same kind. 

During the repair we organized and borrowed equipment and tools to help us quicken the restoration. I don’t know if they’ve used the spanner wrench there because I’m not that familiar with construction and industrial tools. Anyway I’m just happy with our newly-restored furniture and I heard my kids saying that the set is really beautiful.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bake and Churn Ice Cream Cakes

Finally reserved Bake and Churn's Black Forest ice cream cake for which I used my Ensogo voucher. I bought it last February and almost forgot about it and when I printed the voucher I was relieved that it will expire on the 15th of this month. I'm fond of buying good deals and found this one really tempting. I bought the PhP400-worth gift certificate applicable on any Dome Ice Cream Cake for PhP200 only. I have various choices of their cake flavors like: 

Chocolate Mousse
Mango Madness 
Strawberry Cheesecake 
Midnight Cookies & Cream 
French Chocolate
Rocky Road 
Ube Classic 
Red Velvet 
Black Forest 
Cookies and Cream

My family has a sweet tooth and they will love this double treat - an ice cream and a cake in one. Dome Ice Cream Cakes (worth P530) are decadent layers of cake and ice cream topped with whipped cream, nuts, fruits and other delightful stuff. Need not worry about melting because Ice Cream Cake stays in form for as long as three hours in room temperature when kept inside their specially designed box.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunrise Food Keepers

I'm fond of collecting house wares and accessories for dining and kitchen.  Since I'm having my kitchen repaired and renovation I would like to add few collections to coordinate with the new kitchen I have now.  This one I saw at Groupon Phils.  would look nice in my cabinets and would also be functional as well.  I love to cook and store left overs so if any of my kids wants more they will only look for my food keepers and they will enjoy what I cooked for them even when I'm in the office.
To capture the highlights of what they offer here are some description of these nice little food keepers:
  • Microwave-safe, freezer-safe and dishwasher-safe
  • Top of the line extremely durable material
  • Sunrise lids can also be used on plates, dishes and any round-shaped food container in all sizes – including fruits
  • Great for travel or takeaway food
  • Perfect for saucy dishes, stews, rice, and even soups
This one is offered at 47% to 56% off  depending on your choice of package.  

Like for one 6-piece set of Sunrise Food Kepers you'll get it for PhP329 instead of PhP320.  Great deal and so much value for your money.