Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bake and Churn Ice Cream Cakes

Finally reserved Bake and Churn's Black Forest ice cream cake for which I used my Ensogo voucher. I bought it last February and almost forgot about it and when I printed the voucher I was relieved that it will expire on the 15th of this month. I'm fond of buying good deals and found this one really tempting. I bought the PhP400-worth gift certificate applicable on any Dome Ice Cream Cake for PhP200 only. I have various choices of their cake flavors like: 

Chocolate Mousse
Mango Madness 
Strawberry Cheesecake 
Midnight Cookies & Cream 
French Chocolate
Rocky Road 
Ube Classic 
Red Velvet 
Black Forest 
Cookies and Cream

My family has a sweet tooth and they will love this double treat - an ice cream and a cake in one. Dome Ice Cream Cakes (worth P530) are decadent layers of cake and ice cream topped with whipped cream, nuts, fruits and other delightful stuff. Need not worry about melting because Ice Cream Cake stays in form for as long as three hours in room temperature when kept inside their specially designed box.


Anonymous said...

hi, do you really need a reservation? If so, how did you make the reservation? Thanks!

Race said...

yes it's stated in the voucher to ensure that you'll have the cake flavor you want,no need for the 3-day reservation as they allowed 1 day only. i sent a text message to them and they replied with a form to fill up and they sent a confirmation, that's it.

actually my office mate dropped by to their booth only to make a reservation because she didn't want to call or text them but much to her delight they allowed her to get the cake that day.

hope i was able to help you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Already did my reservation. Will claim my cake on May 15. I haven't receive the confirmation though. No more available sched of pick up for this week until Sunday since the validity of the voucher will soon end.

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