Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kids’ Enrollment

I’m very satisfied with the renovation in my kitchen and it will be few days left and we’re finished. I’ve spent the day estimating our expenses with the kitchen renovation and the kids’ school fees. I’ve enrolled the kids yesterday even if I’m on sick leave from office because I thought that I should make use of my time to have them registered and to pay for their fees. I brought the three kids with me but I managed to pay for the little boy only as the cashier went on a break. DH would pay next week if he can spare some of his time. 

Anyway the school would only look for the receipt on June so there’s really no worry. On our way home from the two schools I was offered a womens perfume to try and later buy it if I liked it. I love colognes and perfumes and since the perfume is not that expensive I tried it. The perfume scent reminded me of a gift from my godmother and immediately liked it. Nice marketing strategy I should say to let the consumer try it first.


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