Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Knowing How to Secure Our Family at Home

Lately I noticed that many people are dropping by the house to offer anything that they need to sell. Since we’re located just beside the national highway we’re susceptible to various kinds of marketing strategies posed by vendors and sales staff. Some of them would just stay at the gate but others would request for a short time to discuss their products. I’ve experienced talking to agents of real estate,cheap term life insurance, jewelry, buyers of old coins and even members of particular religion that roams around our district to convince people that they’re the right way to spiritual enlightenment. 

Anyway with these people around just within our small district I sometimes fear that some of them may pose a real threat to our security. Three of the houses within our compound experienced being robbed of during early dawn and we surmised that robbers may be few of those who round up our compound during the day and probe on the things that can be taken when people are all asleep. We should really think of ways on securing our properties within the compound and construct extra gates on possible entrance of these bad elements. I’ve discussed this thing with my relatives and I’m hoping that they will realize the importance of security in all places that we live in.


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