Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saving for New Amplifiers

We’ve moved our Sunday service to upper 5th floor for the meantime as the big place is vacant for months now. We have arranged that we’ll still keep the 4th floor rooms but borrowed the bigger and upper rooms for our weekly fellowship. It’s three times bigger than our real rented place and we enjoy a more scenic view of Metropolis. More often when the glass windows are open the air just blows freely on the whole place and you’ll feel like you’re in some hills or top scenic spot. We’re enjoying our new place and as long as no one rents the place we can use it. 

We’ll be holding our first meeting next week perhaps to talk about the status of our musical instruments because last week our amplifiers malfunctioned. If we could only buy Egnater as soon as possible then we’ll have no problem. Well we have to save money to buy a high quality guitar amplifiers but for now our Pastor brought it to his repair man and hopefully it will be a minor repair only. We still have many things to discuss about buying and maintaining musical instruments and I hope the next meeting will generate positive results and solutions.


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