Saturday, June 23, 2012

Small Accessories on the Interiors

I love decorating the house but my time is limited so when I want to grab for ideas I do it online. Since my kitchen has gone renovation last summer I’m now thinking of my next project for the house. We’re saving again for the kitchen floor and maybe on some parts of the house again if our budget would allow it. Now the school fees are taking the toll of our financial expenses because the kids are all enrolled in private Christian schools and DH is studying again for his degree on secondary education major in TLE.
So maybe I’ll just spend my time on small accessories for the interiors like beautiful paintings, vases, lights or even wall fireplace if there’s a need someday. I know that this is only possible on the northern part of the country where there’s cold weather but who knows? Anyway it could always be a beautiful accessory so it will not be a problem. I want a warm and cosy ambiance on our house and it would certainly add a bit of warmth in the area.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Using Left-Over Foods to Prepare Meal

When we talk of being economical there’s one way of doing it that I think wouldn’t cost you a lot. Look into your kitchen and refrigerator and there you will see left-over foods that can be used or cooked again to prepare a quick meal. Left over vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, and crab meat are good to serve for luncheon or supper. They are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. You can prepare left-overs for lunch or dinner, to save money and food.

When you have left-over crab meat, you can make it into omelette for luncheon or supper. Crab meat may also be sauted with sitsaro or abitsuelas and pork. Left-over boiled vegetables may be served as salads or omelets. Left-over boiled eggplant can be prepared into omelette for supper. Boiled beans can be prepared with mixed vegetable salad. You can prepare appetizing left-over dishes out of meat. You can use left-over chicken meat for chicken salad.

However, much food value is lost when cooked food is cooked again. As much as possible, avoid heating the food several times before serving it.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Additional School Requirements

Now that my daughters are into their second week of school classes they’re giving me a list of their requirements for their various academic and other subjects. They’re asking to drop by the nearest bookstore to buy their clear books, sketch pads, scrapbook supplies, maps and other art supplies. 

They also told me that they need a more advanced digital camera for their digital photography class. We have a 16MP point and shoot digicam with normal zoom capacity but they need a larger zoom for enhanced shooting even at long distance range. I’m still coping up with fees for the enrolment fees, books and supplies and I still have to wait for online work blessings to be able to buy a new digicam.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Healthy Vegetables

Vegetables are important in our diet. They contain a large percentage of the vitamins and minerals needed by the body. They contain vitamins A and C. The yellow vegetables contain vitamin A. The green leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin C. Some vegetables contain carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, corn, camote, gabi and ubi. And some are rich in cellulose like okra, string beans and other legumes. These also help in the regular bowel movement. For easy digestion of food you need vegetables that contain water like upo, patola and cucumber.

Vegetables are classified into green or succulent and starchy. Green or succulent vegetables are patolas, radish, onions, tomatoes and upo which are also watery vegetables and has two kinds; mild-flavored like lettuce and strong flavored like cabbage and onions. On the other hand starchy vegetables include potatoes, camote, squash and corn which I'm sure is self-explanatory why they're called starchy.

When it comes to cooking vegetables, cook them just right because overcooking spoils their flavor and appearance. It also destroys their vitamin content. Those vegetable which easily lose their vitamin and mineral content when cooking should be served raw and usually used in preparing salads like cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, celery, green pepper, onions, pechay, kinchay and lettuce.

For people who need to shed excess pounds it's better to eat more vegetables and less meat.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Contributions to Music Ministry

With all the musical instruments my kids are getting their interest on I sometimes wonder how they’re going to learn them all at once. I was laughing at them when they told me that they want to learn how to play guitar and enhance their keyboard playing skills. I told them that they couldn’t do it at the same time. It’s better if they concentrate on one instrument then proceeds to another when they already grasped the first one. Well kids are like that they always want to have everything at once even when it comes to learning things. 

Well I love to see them taking interest on playing the instruments as they could play in the church soon. As of now the church is planning to replace old instruments so by the time they know how to play the instruments maybe they could help in the music ministry. Anyway as of our last meeting we will list all instruments and categorize them according to functionality then we can buy good quality replacements like Egnater Tweaker and some other musical instruments and accessories. I hope that we’ll be able to do it soon for better praising and singing. Musical instruments have a lot to contribute for a more active music ministry in the church.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Why You Need Food?

You don’t just eat your food because you like it but you must eat because food is important to keep you strong, healthy, and active. Good food increases your chance to succeed in life. It gives you energy to work and resistance to combat sickness. When you are healthy it is easier for you to realize your dreams and goals in life. I learned that your health depends on the kinds of food that you eat. You enjoy good health when you eat food rich in nutrients that your body needs. Once your body lacks these essential food nutrients, you suffer from ill health.

You need food to supply the normal processes of your body like beating of your heart, circulation of the blood, breathing, digestion, absorption of food, elimination of waste products and maintaining the normal temperature of the body. You’ll suffer from illness once you don’t supply your body with adequate food.

You also need food to make you grow in height and weight, to make your hair, muscles and bones grow and to repair the tissues and worn-out muscles in your body. When you become sick you’ll wear out tissues thus you’ll become thin and pale. There are other reasons why you need food and besides meeting the needs of your body you also need to eat adequate amount of food so it can give you an opportunity for exchange of ideas and pleasantries with family members during mealtime. Eating together and having companionship among members of the family at mealtimes gives you the feeling of satisfaction in daily living