Saturday, June 2, 2012

Contributions to Music Ministry

With all the musical instruments my kids are getting their interest on I sometimes wonder how they’re going to learn them all at once. I was laughing at them when they told me that they want to learn how to play guitar and enhance their keyboard playing skills. I told them that they couldn’t do it at the same time. It’s better if they concentrate on one instrument then proceeds to another when they already grasped the first one. Well kids are like that they always want to have everything at once even when it comes to learning things. 

Well I love to see them taking interest on playing the instruments as they could play in the church soon. As of now the church is planning to replace old instruments so by the time they know how to play the instruments maybe they could help in the music ministry. Anyway as of our last meeting we will list all instruments and categorize them according to functionality then we can buy good quality replacements like Egnater Tweaker and some other musical instruments and accessories. I hope that we’ll be able to do it soon for better praising and singing. Musical instruments have a lot to contribute for a more active music ministry in the church.


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