Saturday, June 23, 2012

Small Accessories on the Interiors

I love decorating the house but my time is limited so when I want to grab for ideas I do it online. Since my kitchen has gone renovation last summer I’m now thinking of my next project for the house. We’re saving again for the kitchen floor and maybe on some parts of the house again if our budget would allow it. Now the school fees are taking the toll of our financial expenses because the kids are all enrolled in private Christian schools and DH is studying again for his degree on secondary education major in TLE.
So maybe I’ll just spend my time on small accessories for the interiors like beautiful paintings, vases, lights or even wall fireplace if there’s a need someday. I know that this is only possible on the northern part of the country where there’s cold weather but who knows? Anyway it could always be a beautiful accessory so it will not be a problem. I want a warm and cosy ambiance on our house and it would certainly add a bit of warmth in the area.


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