Monday, July 23, 2012

Enjoy Life

At the end of a tiring workday there’s no place like home where you can have relaxing time with the family watching tv, sharing yummy foods, bonding and laughing until your jaw aches and your stomach hurts. Really a family can make your day happy and at the end of the afternoon it’s what gives me energy to beat the hardship of getting myself an easy ride home.

Work is a habit to me and everything just pass to me as something that can be finished at the end of the day or a week. What exhausts me sometimes is my ride back home. In my place of work it’s not that easy. I’m just thankful after several months I’ve grown used to it and somehow learned how to make it easier. That’s life – you just have to find ways on making it as enjoyable as cold lemon tea on a hot summer day. Most important is you enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Future Driver of the Family

When we’re driving to our venue site for our thanksgiving fellowship we asked Josh about driving lessons. We told him that he should learn how to drive early so he could help his dad when driving through a long distance journey. We’re just teasing of course because he’s only in his third grade and he’s so young but he answered us that he would really love to learn driving. Anyway I know that when he reached his middle teen years he’ll really start driving and when it happens I would have vehicle tracking devices for him to ensure his safety. I will not worry too much if I’ll be able to know his driving speed and location always. When he reached a more matured age I will not require him to have it anymore because he’s more responsible and careful by then. Here I am thinking of future years for my little boy when my heart always wants him as my little baby boy.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Discovering Site for Hard to Find Items

We still have two months to go before the start of the longest holiday in town which is Christmas season. Anyway many would be delighted to know that as early as now some people searched for their holiday ornaments so when the time came that they can put in all their decors it will not be rush for them. Now if you’re looking for unique Christmas ornaments like white cord led christmas lights you can find them all at hard to find items store. They will satisfy your needs and requirements for ornaments and others.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wearing Proper Attire and Accessories

To be on top of fashion one must know how to dress properly according to age and to her work. In an office environment it is a requirement to follow certain dress code implemented by officers assigned. It is done to have uniformity and to ensure that all will follow and wear proper working attire. I’ve gone through various companies and I can say that my latest company has the best scheme for employees to look formal and stylish too.

The company actually requires the sales and marketing people to wear their best office attire when meeting clients. Along with the best attire they also accessorize themselves with real and fashion jewelry like slane jewelry to match their attire. They should be able to represent the company well and they can only do it when they look as responsible and as dedicated always.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Protection Against Glare and Others

Last month I decided to buy a set of branded eyeglasses because of the influence of some friends. They told me that it fits me so well so when I thought about it I told myself that it’s a gift to myself for working so hard offline and online. Anyway even if the eyeglasses are a bit expensive it really fits my face and personality. I also love the purple color and has the idea that it makes me look younger. 

Now I also need a pair of nice sun glasses which I can use for my various field works. It’s hard to be out of the office and always encountering intense heat of the sun. I’m asking my supplier of eyeglasses if they can get me an equally good sunglasses like native lenses which is not only comfortable and durable but gives optimum protection against glare as well. Hope it will save me from drastic effects of sun’s radiating heat when I’m out.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Using Tofu on Vegetable Recipes

If you’re a vegetarian person or trying to maintain a healthy diet devoid or less of red meat you can try what I’m doing for my meals. If you want to mix something to vegetables to make it more delicious without meat try adding breaded tofu instead of meat. You’ll only dip tofu squares to little soy sauce, roll in breading then fry.

This way you’ll enjoy veggies without the meat ingredients but with a taste that’s almost equal. Tofu or bean curd is very healthy too because they are made from soy milk. It’s a good source of protein and low in calories, perfect for dieters like me. It has also a good amount of iron, calcium and magnesium and best of all it contains little fat. For me it’s a wonder food and seeing its nutrient contents I’ve collected and experimented on several tofu recipes.

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