Saturday, July 7, 2012

Protection Against Glare and Others

Last month I decided to buy a set of branded eyeglasses because of the influence of some friends. They told me that it fits me so well so when I thought about it I told myself that it’s a gift to myself for working so hard offline and online. Anyway even if the eyeglasses are a bit expensive it really fits my face and personality. I also love the purple color and has the idea that it makes me look younger. 

Now I also need a pair of nice sun glasses which I can use for my various field works. It’s hard to be out of the office and always encountering intense heat of the sun. I’m asking my supplier of eyeglasses if they can get me an equally good sunglasses like native lenses which is not only comfortable and durable but gives optimum protection against glare as well. Hope it will save me from drastic effects of sun’s radiating heat when I’m out.


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