Saturday, August 25, 2012

Camp Meeting Tents

We’re now having our dedicated meeting in the church concerning our December fellowship. We’re not quite sure if we will spend in Baguio or in the hilly areas in nearby towns. Wherever it might be I’m searching for durable tents to carry with us on that occasion because it’s easier and comfortable if you have a ready tent wherever you go. The kids will also be happy to stay in tent like the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 which is perfect for hikers, mountaineers and campers like us. We’ve grown used to bringing tents and putting them up nicely in one area on our fellowship venues. This way we can be sure of extra sleeping areas when the place we rented doesn’t have enough for us all.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Upscale Home Décor

You know a grand home when you see one – usually they are in the better neighborhoods, the sort of places where they host house and garden tours. Every room is impeccably decorated with custom upholstery, bedding and window treatments and the rooms are warm and inviting. The bathrooms are equally attractive with spa-like bathroom fixtures and showers featuring multiple showerheads, fluffy towels and elegant appointments such as towel warmers. Oftentimes you leave wondering thinking that it must be awfully nice to live that way and the interesting thing to note is that with a little bit of savvy shopping you actually can enjoy some of the very same amenities found in the finest homes.

Towel warmers are a great example – this exotic import had a pretty humble start; most of the older stone homes throughout Europe lacked central heat and bathing could be mighty chilly. To make it more comfortable many of the better hotels and nicer homes installed towel warmers so you could emerge from the bath and surround yourself in a hot, fluffy towel to take the edge off the chill. Hot or cold, a warm towel is a simple delight and there are many towel warmers designed specifically for home use. Take a look online at the websites of the stores where you normally buy your bed and bath goods and you will find a many different models. There are freestanding towel warmers along with wall-mount and countertop models so there is certain to be one to fit your bathroom.
Multiple showerheads may be more than your budget can handle plus they may require a plumber to install but you can enjoy an enhanced bath or shower experience with the addition of a handheld showerhead.

Home Tips on Cleaning Fish

My daughter Gen loves tilapia fish and she loves cleaning it when I buy from our fish vendor. Not all people like doing it and I’m lucky that we have one who always volunteer to do the cleaning. Anyway our fish vendor cleans it for me if I request him but Gen told me not because she loves doing it herself. I taught her how to do it the first time she asked me to. Here are some guides on how to clean fish properly:

1. Soak the fish in a basin full of water before scaling. This prevents the scales from scattering.
2. With a sharp knife. Scale the fish. Holding the head, start from the tail toward the head.
3. After the fish is thoroughly scaled, get a cutting board.
4. Make an incision in the stomach of the fish to draw the entrails.
5. Remove the gills.
6. Wash the inside and outside thoroughly. Avoid letting the fish stand in water after washing.
7. Cut the fish into desired pieces for the recipe.

After cleaning the fish you’re now ready to cook the desired recipe. You can cook delicious fish recipes such as broiled fish, sinigang, adobong pusit, pinangat, fish relleno, rebosado, omelette, rellenong pusit, sarciado, pesang dalag, escabeche, camaron rebosado, fish pesa or you can just grill or fry it.

When Singing and Praising

There’s a new group of born-again Christian who rented the upper floor of the building. They had taken the 5th floor which was previously used by us. We were a little worried that when we’re both in praising time it would be so noisy. Well the singing and instruments were spared because we have different time of praising and message. For me praising songs should not be too noisy or the instruments shouldn’t be louder than the brethren’s voices. Sometimes our tendency to over volume makes for loud amps which is ok for grand fellowship where you can be heard by thousands of people but for small group it should be balanced sounds around the room.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Praying for Home Safety

I’m comfortably working at home on late nights or early dawn like these but now I can’t sleep thinking that anytime floods can come to our place. The nightmare of previous big flood caused by Typhoon Ondoy kept rushing through my mind which gives me energy to make preparations for anything that may happen to us. Just sad a little that after three years from that flood tragedy that affected Metropolis and nearby areas some people still can’t recover from it. 

We finally renovated our old kitchen last summer and arrange everything in our living, dining and other corners of our house. But now if we will transfer to the second floor of our house when flood comes we’ll have to arrange some of our things there to accommodate volume of our things. Still praying that it will not flood here.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Economical Ink

We’re doing the little boy’s assignment when we learned that we’ve run out of ink to print the finished work. The ink of our printer surprisingly ran out easily and I wonder if the supposed original is just the same. I’ve used laserjet ink cartridges in the office for more than 10 years and I can say that it’s more economical to use than inkjet, the reason why offices prefer LaserJet over inkjet. Well we both have one in our office and if I need bulk of documents for printing I use our LaserJet printer. Anyway our neighbour who owns the printing shop where my kids always go for printing suggested that we convert our old printer into continuous style where inks are affordable.

Sweet Smelling Home Office

I love working in an environment of sweet smelling room because the fragrant smell made me think more clearly and come up with nice ideas. I guess every writer has the same flair for a nice place to work with because in writing you just don’t think and write because you need to be inspired in order to write better. We called our mood for writing as mojo and without it we just found ourselves reading and thinking but no word come out of the pen. Now if I always want a fragrant ambiance on my home office I can also choose a perfume for myself that will extend the smell on areas around me.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Indefinite Weather

This week has given us a cold weather and indefinite change of season. Most of the times heavy rains would come then it will shine immediately. There was not a sign of storm coming in the country but it suddenly turned into a Typhoon and there were floods all over metropolis. Sometimes it would get really cold that I wish we have corner electric fireplaces I can light to ease the cold feeling in my body. It was also the same wish I have when we had a vacation the coldest area in the country. I really can’t bear too much cold because on prolonged period I get chills all over. I’m just glad that DH is always beside me to assist me when I get sick.