Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home Tips on Cleaning Fish

My daughter Gen loves tilapia fish and she loves cleaning it when I buy from our fish vendor. Not all people like doing it and I’m lucky that we have one who always volunteer to do the cleaning. Anyway our fish vendor cleans it for me if I request him but Gen told me not because she loves doing it herself. I taught her how to do it the first time she asked me to. Here are some guides on how to clean fish properly:

1. Soak the fish in a basin full of water before scaling. This prevents the scales from scattering.
2. With a sharp knife. Scale the fish. Holding the head, start from the tail toward the head.
3. After the fish is thoroughly scaled, get a cutting board.
4. Make an incision in the stomach of the fish to draw the entrails.
5. Remove the gills.
6. Wash the inside and outside thoroughly. Avoid letting the fish stand in water after washing.
7. Cut the fish into desired pieces for the recipe.

After cleaning the fish you’re now ready to cook the desired recipe. You can cook delicious fish recipes such as broiled fish, sinigang, adobong pusit, pinangat, fish relleno, rebosado, omelette, rellenong pusit, sarciado, pesang dalag, escabeche, camaron rebosado, fish pesa or you can just grill or fry it.


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