Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Upscale Home Décor

You know a grand home when you see one – usually they are in the better neighborhoods, the sort of places where they host house and garden tours. Every room is impeccably decorated with custom upholstery, bedding and window treatments and the rooms are warm and inviting. The bathrooms are equally attractive with spa-like bathroom fixtures and showers featuring multiple showerheads, fluffy towels and elegant appointments such as towel warmers. Oftentimes you leave wondering thinking that it must be awfully nice to live that way and the interesting thing to note is that with a little bit of savvy shopping you actually can enjoy some of the very same amenities found in the finest homes.

Towel warmers are a great example – this exotic import had a pretty humble start; most of the older stone homes throughout Europe lacked central heat and bathing could be mighty chilly. To make it more comfortable many of the better hotels and nicer homes installed towel warmers so you could emerge from the bath and surround yourself in a hot, fluffy towel to take the edge off the chill. Hot or cold, a warm towel is a simple delight and there are many towel warmers designed specifically for home use. Take a look online at the websites of the stores where you normally buy your bed and bath goods and you will find a many different models. There are freestanding towel warmers along with wall-mount and countertop models so there is certain to be one to fit your bathroom.
Multiple showerheads may be more than your budget can handle plus they may require a plumber to install but you can enjoy an enhanced bath or shower experience with the addition of a handheld showerhead.


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