Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love Listening to SImple Guitar Keys

I love music and when I heard a group singing my favorite music and accompanied by musical instruments I find myself hooked to watching how the musicians played their piece of instrument. I’m used to having electric guitars in our church when we held our Sunday fellowship but when we’re out of town or just enjoying bible sharing on the prayer garden I prefer the old school acoustic guitar because it’s more carefree and simple. 

When we’re in prayer garden doing some of our outdoor church activities we just love to hear some music through simple guitar keys that’s why my church mates proposed that we bought another acoustic for our-of-church activities. Our musicians are now looking for quality brands like Ibanez Artwood as they want it to be very durable for travelling and for long-time usage. There are various kinds available in the market and they’re hoping that they can find one with quality and not so expensive.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sweet Mom’s Banana Loaves

For those who loves bread and pastries like me and who want to try scrumptious banana cakes with a twist you can try Sweet Mom’s Banana Loaves made with the finest ingredients, delicious, fresh and home-made. As they offer 50% off their bread you can stock plenty of these delectable banana loaves in your kitchen. You can choose from the following discounted packages: 

P100 for 1 Banana Loaf (P200 value) 
P188 for 2 Banana Loaves (P400 value) 
P270 for 3 Banana Loaves (P600 value) 

Start buying coupons now as you can redeem this immediately on the 26th of this month and no need to worry about buying plenty of coupons as it’s valid until January 26, 2012. Please be reminded to reserve your orders 2 days in advance. This is for pick-up orders only. Available in Groupon Philippines deals.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Comfortable Place to Stay

During summer and humid weather we stay in our veranda most of the time because the air is cooler and you can see the plants and flowers surrounding it. Since we’re young it’s the best place for us to stay where we entertain our friends, play board games, sing, have picnic and every recreation we thought of doing. Now that I have kids we still love that certain area in our house but the steel garden furniture isn’t enough for the kids because they want more relaxing sofa to seat on or some patio cushions to give them softness and warmth when they stay late in the afternoon or at night. We really have to add some outdoor furniture as the kids are growing up fast and they need more for their school friends when they visit the house. Their friends want to stay outside because they’re more comfortable there than inside the house

Meat Tenderizer at CHEFS

Are you tired of cooking hard meat or do you need less time in cooking? Well as a working Mom I always do house chores in scheduled time because I have to cook for my family but at the same time I have to rush for my 8-5 office work. It’s sometimes difficult but you really have to do it all and you’ll learn that everything can be done in careful planning and right time schedule. So for Moms like me who is always on the go this meat tenderizer can be such a favorite when you want to cook the meat in lesser time. I love kitchen accessories which can help me not just time but energy as well and this one is just perfect. No worries now if they want tender meat on the table as you can prepare and cook it faster now.

Having Your Own Website

Having your own site now is a trend especially when you’re up to something. Your site can be your personal diary, your journal of your kids’ activities, a list of your travel adventures or can be a business site where you can showcase your products. Whatever it is creating a website free can be a great help especially if you’re just starting out your own site. Well when I started blogging 5 years ago I find it very exciting and I learned many things which include creating my own site, buying a domain and earning some bucks writing articles. So when you create and run your own site you’re actually opening yourself to a lot of good opportunities in life for personal or for commercial reasons.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Easy Cooking with SmartMeasure Cup

When I'm cooking my desserts or baking simple cupcakes I find it hard to add and weigh extra ingredients when I have already mixed the items and I'm already preparing the recipe. Now with SmartMeasure Cup baking is easier because I can do both while preparing what I have to bake. In the past I will list how much have I mixed and before adding liquids I have to make sure that they're the right amount and list them all again. It's a tasking process while with this SmartMeasure Cup life is easier. I'll be more inspired if I have this in my kitchenn

Simply Elegant Puzzle Ring

I’m fond of solving puzzles and I passed it on to my kids which they do on their free time. It’s a good mind game just like their various educational games that we play as family. It’s not only healthy on the minds but healthy for family relationship as well. It serves as a bonding game for all of us instead of online games which decreases some creativity in us. 

As puzzle excites us so do this puzzle ring that I run through while browsing online for gift ideas. I though it’s a toy but when I looked on the site I admired the jewelry craftsmanship they did to the ring. I love looking at the four sterling bands intertwined to form a ring. It’s simply elegant and perfect for gifts to your loved ones. This one might be a good friendship ring also for your best friend.