Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love Listening to SImple Guitar Keys

I love music and when I heard a group singing my favorite music and accompanied by musical instruments I find myself hooked to watching how the musicians played their piece of instrument. I’m used to having electric guitars in our church when we held our Sunday fellowship but when we’re out of town or just enjoying bible sharing on the prayer garden I prefer the old school acoustic guitar because it’s more carefree and simple. 

When we’re in prayer garden doing some of our outdoor church activities we just love to hear some music through simple guitar keys that’s why my church mates proposed that we bought another acoustic for our-of-church activities. Our musicians are now looking for quality brands like Ibanez Artwood as they want it to be very durable for travelling and for long-time usage. There are various kinds available in the market and they’re hoping that they can find one with quality and not so expensive.


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