Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Special Christmas Fruitcake and Walnut Pie

Getting ready for the holidays? Well you can start with buying vouchers for the traditional fruitcake or a delightful nutty walnut pie. Choose any of Special Christams Fruitcake or 8-inch Walnut Pie Cake at Tasty Tuckers for PhP399 instead of PhP800, you’ll get a 50% discount. 

I grew up having those fruitcakes on our table which were mainly gifts to my Mom and Dad from their friend who frequent Binondo area. It is commonly served on our dining table during Christmas or New Year feast. Fruitcake is a combination of dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts and spices with a little alcohol to extend its shelf life. Great for keeping your spirits high. 

Tasty Tuckers’ fruitcakes are made of the finest dried and candied fruits, nuts and spices. Well you can also choose a walnut pie for a change. This pie is loaded with nuts and with a subtle taste of sweetness that you’ll keep on coming back for more. Perfect for tea or coffee. You have two flavors to choose from or you can get the two if you buy 2 vouchers. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Organized and Functional Pharmacy

I noticed that there are increasing numbers of people getting sick these days not only in my work place but in the compound as well. I can say that people are frequenting drug stores for their medicines and vitamins. We all need vitamin supplements to build immunity against prevailing sickness caused by drastic changing of weather. 

When I dropped by the newly built hypermarket I was impressed by the orderly and functional Pharmacy Design in one of the leading drug stores in the country. You can see that medicines are properly stacked and well labelled for easy access. I love the setup because even when there are plenty of customers they can cope up because they’re able to locate the needed drugs and medicine essentials.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5-Piece Stainless Steel Bowl Storage Set

I love house wares and all things connected to kitchen items and accessories as I’m fond of cooking, baking and making desserts.   Lately I’ve noticed that I need to stock up on my bowls as my present ones are showing old age already.  Since budget is of importance in buying my kitchen and dining accessories again I have to make sure that I’ll be buying wisely.  

And how wise I can get with the deals I’ve found at Metro Deals offer like this 5-Piece Stainless Steel Bowl Storage Set with Plastic Lids which I can get for 52% off , price is PhP239 instead of PhP500 with free delivery.  Now I can add my items in organizing and keeping fresh of my meals and foods.  These 5 pcs stainless steel bowl measures 10cm, 12 cm, 14 cm, 16 cm and 18 cm.  It’s perfect for gift giving also.  I just love deals and discounts, how about you?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Customized Personal and Corporate Giveaways

As the holiday season is coming up in two months time people are thinking of nice gifts for their loved ones. For some others who have stores or businesses they like to order customized giveaways that contains their products or company logo. I’m in-charge of these things in my work and most of the times I find good prices online for such giveaways like pens, fans, mugs, trading pins, key chains, bags, calendars and some other customized items. 

Holiday season brings about good business for those that specialize in doing these customized giveaways and it starts as early as August. I know this because we were notified that if we want to order personalized gift items bearing our company logo we should order as early as possible. Well I still have hundreds of customized company pens that we had on our last trade fair and we will just order some other items.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Delicious & Mouthwatering 15-inch Fatboy's Pizza

Got another deal and this time it’s from Metro Deal’s promo for Fatboy's Pizza . They offered 50% off the original price so instead of P499 I only paid P250 for 2 delicious and mouthwatering supersize 15-inch Fatboy’s Pizza. I’ve bought 2 vouchers last week but now that it’s still ongoing I’m planning to buy another two. I like buying vouchers from them because they have a branch near our place in Ever Ortigas where I also first tasted and found it. 

Well anyway these delicious hand-tossed pizzas have unique selections offering Italian and American choices and with 15 branches all over Metro Manila claiming vouchers would never be a problem. For this promo choices include Sweet Corn Pizza (loaded with Sweet Kernel Corn &mozzarella cheese) or Ham and Cheese Pizza (generously topped with Sweet ham & mozzarella cheese). 

Now when my kids saw my collection of vouchers they got excited. I have Brownies Unlimited and Don Benito’s Cassava Cakes alongside this Fatboy’s Pizza.  I really love deals.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Learning About Wine Making

I was reading a book about fruits and how to extract pure juices from them. I’m into learning how to introduce juices in my health diet plans and I want to see if it will work on me. I always search for the things that I want to try because reviews and opinions help in learning things. It’s up to me how I weigh those reviews and personal remarks. Well I also read about wine making and how it’s done where the quality of grapes should be at its best, the processing and the aging of wine. As they say the older the better. I’m just curious about how they stock them according to age and the type of wine. 

There’s so much to learn about wine making and I also came to know that even wine corks should be chosen and made carefully starting with the materials used and the process of making them. It’s good to know the kind of corks and how they label them with decorative pattern. I should say that wine making is not easy and it should be done with meticulous care from the wine itself up to the bottle, corks and the labeling. Now when I see a bottle of wine I will be able to imagine the process it has gone through before it’s shipped to stores for selling to consumers. This holiday is a good season for wine selling as it’s one of the preferred gifts during these times.

Brownies Unlimited

Got a  deal again last Sept. 28 when my fave brownies offered 30% discount for their Two (2) 12-premium pack pre-assorted brownies. It's my second time to get deals from Brownies Unlimited and as always it feels good to grab discounts especially with these yummy pastries. 

As a treat to their returning customers like me, they will again delight our sweet cravings for their moist, flavorful brownies topped with marshmallows and nuts. My kids love it when I take these brownies for pasalubong. With the pack you'll get the following flavors: 2 pcs Walnut Swirl, 2 pcs Choc O' Chips, 2 pcs Triple Chocolate, 2 pcs New York Fudge, 2 pcs Espresso, and 2 pcs Kriss Kross.

This is available in their 20 location branches and of course I choose the nearest location in my office and that's in SM Megamall where I always take my fx taxi on my way home.  This promo is valid October 10, 2012 to November 20, 2012 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Keeping Safe at All Times

In our town where some of the roads are always congested with traffic jams some people have resorted to using their motorcycle for short travels and also for coming to office. My friend does it every day and she just makes sure that it’s always in good condition. I always tell her that she should have quality tires like michelin motorcycle tires because she passes through an avenue where there are plenty of excavation and on-going road construction and her motorcycle may run through gravel and wires when she squeezed in the space while passing through the traffic. 

Motorists are known to be impatient sometimes with the movement of cars that they always pass even where there’s only exact space for them causing hazard risk on both the next car and to them. I just want her to be safe as I don’t approve it in the first place to be her transportation going to work. As she won’t listen to me I told her to do all measures to be safe at all times.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Don Benito's Cassava Cakes

I bought P500 GC from Ensogo at P249 only, this is really a great deal.  I've tasted this yummy cassava cakes when my pal and officemate brought us one tray of delectable cassava macapuno and we asked her to buy each one of us as we didn't know a branch close to our office location.  Then Ensogo came with this 50% off deal and we bought several vouchers last week (sorry for the late posting). Thanks for paypal for making our purchase as convenient as ever unlike when you have to deposit and email the scanned copy of deposit slip.

See the pictures? They're as yummy as in real bite :) So for my P500 GC I can get 3 big-size cassava cakes plus few additional pesos.  Well if it's of interest prices for these 3 flavors are:

Cheese Cassava - P180
Langka - P200
Macapuno - P200

My only problem is when will I use my voucher as we can't eat the 3 cakes in one or two days so I'll wait for an occasion or maybe I'll give the other cakes as pasalubong.