Thursday, October 4, 2012

Don Benito's Cassava Cakes

I bought P500 GC from Ensogo at P249 only, this is really a great deal.  I've tasted this yummy cassava cakes when my pal and officemate brought us one tray of delectable cassava macapuno and we asked her to buy each one of us as we didn't know a branch close to our office location.  Then Ensogo came with this 50% off deal and we bought several vouchers last week (sorry for the late posting). Thanks for paypal for making our purchase as convenient as ever unlike when you have to deposit and email the scanned copy of deposit slip.

See the pictures? They're as yummy as in real bite :) So for my P500 GC I can get 3 big-size cassava cakes plus few additional pesos.  Well if it's of interest prices for these 3 flavors are:

Cheese Cassava - P180
Langka - P200
Macapuno - P200

My only problem is when will I use my voucher as we can't eat the 3 cakes in one or two days so I'll wait for an occasion or maybe I'll give the other cakes as pasalubong.


Dez said...

Hmm... mouth watering desserts. Yummy!

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