Thursday, October 11, 2012

Keeping Safe at All Times

In our town where some of the roads are always congested with traffic jams some people have resorted to using their motorcycle for short travels and also for coming to office. My friend does it every day and she just makes sure that it’s always in good condition. I always tell her that she should have quality tires like michelin motorcycle tires because she passes through an avenue where there are plenty of excavation and on-going road construction and her motorcycle may run through gravel and wires when she squeezed in the space while passing through the traffic. 

Motorists are known to be impatient sometimes with the movement of cars that they always pass even where there’s only exact space for them causing hazard risk on both the next car and to them. I just want her to be safe as I don’t approve it in the first place to be her transportation going to work. As she won’t listen to me I told her to do all measures to be safe at all times.


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