Monday, November 26, 2012

Reminiscing the Old Happy Days

I’ve done some spring cleaning last weekend but only on our part of the house as it would take more than one day to finish the clean up of the whole house. I guess that’s the down side of old houses because we still have some things of the past 3 decades, would you believe that? Our house was renovated from Spanish style house into a modern one. My father designed it all according to his needs and the style he and Mom wants for our dream home. I remember how their friends admired our new house then- huge, beautiful and elegant. 

We have a garden in the front and a chicken house at the back where we also have fruit-bearing trees. Such a lovely house. Over the years our environment was changed and with the recent road widening on the national road major changes were done. Well life is like that, it changes over the years and we just have to enjoy what it has to offer. Now our house is a lot different from the past and though it’s not so ideal as when we first lived on it I still think it’s the best because it has memorable moments of our happy childhood when my father is still living. 

Now I’m getting sentimental again, it usually happens when I remember days with my father as i was so close to him being his look-alike in the family  Anyway I really want to buy new things for the house to form an ambiance of lively and happy atmosphere. For one I need a good premier mounts so we can place our TV and DVD and we can organize things up. I also want to change our dining set, buy kitchen appliances and a lot more new things to perk up a happy attitude. My husband was laughing at me and told me that he’s becoming nervous on the things that I want and that he should have plenty of money for those.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wants to Play Piano and Guitar

Feels so happy working at home today because my rest day falls on the day that I really want to stay home. We requested for a one day rest from a 5-day work to help the company with cost cutting and I’ve requested for the day after our bible study so I can rest after the late night activity of our church. Actually I have plenty of online work and instead of resting I dedicated my time finishing tons of work mostly article writing. 

When the kids arrived they were surprised at first seeing me in the house because in the past weeks I have a different day of rest so they’re expecting me to be at home tomorrow, Since Gen has no projects to finish she played with her piano which she regularly do when she’s free from school assignments and tasks. I love to see her playing piano but she told me that she also love to buy a guitar for her to be flexible with both.  

I’ve already canvassed for simple guitars for her and I’m planning to buy next month. I would like to buy those taylor gs mini I saw online but Gen has already decided on her choice and we only need to drop by together at the store at the mall and it will be ready. Maybe when she grows older I’ll be able to buy those that I’ve seen in online store and she will be able to handle her things with proper care.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cabalen Buffet at CashCashPinoy

Our favorite Cabalen buffet is now participating at CashCashPinoy so you can now enjoy all-day All-Filipino and Asian concept buffets at affordable price. Buy unlimited vouchers worth P1,000 for only P600/voucher which is good for 2-3 people. 

When I met with my college friends for a simple get together we ate at Cabalen in MOA and we paid almost P500 per head so this promo is really good and very affordable. Of course I enjoyed the meal as I love Filipino dishes. 

Enjoy our very own Pinoy favorites like Kare-Kare, Lechon, Bulalo, Kuhol, Crispy Crablets, Pinakbet, Kaldereta and some other viands. You can also feast on some Asian buffet like Spicy Tuna Salad, Shrimp Tempura, Tonkatsu, etc. 

For your desserts try all these leche fan, maja blanca, chocolate fondue, biko, chocolate fondue and make your own halo-halo. I've tried making my own when I we ate there but I satisfied myself with just a half cup full as I was so full myself then. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Going Back to Cold Winter After the Warm Home Vacation

Just in time for the chilling weather in their country my husband’s sister and her kids spent their vacation here. They left the winter in their place and travelled all the way from the cold England to the hot-weathered country. They’re overwhelmed with the opposite weather and always love to bask in the sun. 

I remember Megan would always compare her skin with us and wish for a darker skin just like any English girl would dream of. They prefer tanned skin than their pale white color unlike Filipinos who would spent money just to have fairer complexion. The vacationers spent more of their days hopping from one resort to another and had a great time. The kids in their teens now enjoyed their vacation now than when they were younger and they were able to appreciate being with their cousins. 

When they left the country after their 3-week vacation they’re hesitant to fix themselves up for departure. They’re sad that they’re going to go back to the cold winter with their fox jackets and other accessories to keep them warm. I saw that they’re near to tears and even joked that they would exchange airplane seats to those who want to go to England, well of course those are jokes only.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Delectable Cakes from Cheesecake

Before the most festive holiday season I just love looking at companies which offered deals and discounts as I know they really work on partnership with hundreds of stores to give special discounts to our favorite indulgence in life like food, home accessories, gadgets, clothing, bags, shoes, travel packages and a lot more. I also see plenty of discounts on having hair spa, massage therapy, facial treatment and other beauty and health packages. 

Well I’m drooling now with the current deal offered by Cheesecake, Inc. They offer their wide selection of delectable cakes at 40% off the regular price. Enjoy the following wonderful and decadent cakes for P597 instead of P995: 
- Berry Temptation Cheesecake 
- Dulce De Leche Cheesecake 
- Coffee and Cream Cheesecake 
- Mango Passion Cheesecake
- Choco True Confection 
- Oreo Cheesecake
- Chocolate Mousse 

They have branches at The Fort, Salcedo Village and Northeast Square San Juan. Voucher validity: November 22, 2012 until March 4, 2013

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Taking Care of Our Seniors

Taking care of our family is of our utmost priority and they look up to us for love, care and attention especially if they’ve reached the age of seniority. As our parents devoted their time in taking care of all our needs when we’re young so should we be when they grow old and needs caring. I learned to care after my father when he got mild stroke at an early age of 55 and he got weak on his late 60s. My Mom took care of him while taking all the responsibilities of being the sole bread winner of the family and seeing this situation in my teenage years I learned to be responsible and extra caring for the seniors and disabled. 

When my father reached the last days of his life we experienced making him use diapers when he was bedridden for a month. He was unable to reach the comfort room when he needs it so we asked him if he’ll allow us to do it. When he realized that he really needs it he agreed and we searched for the most comfortable brand for him to ease his discomfort. On those days we don’t have online access so we look for it on various stores.

Now it’s easier to search, look and compare. We can even read this review on Molicare Super Plus Diapers to help us decide which is the best unlike in the past generations when you only have your friend’s recommendation to follow. Getting the best product offline and online seems very easy nowadays and you just have to be resourceful to get the best supplier. 

Well if you’re interested for an ultimate resource for senior care you can find them all in where you’ll get parent giving store that offers medical supplies, beddings, bath safety, daily living aids, mobility devices and a lot more specifically for our senior loved ones. You can also benefit from some care giving essentials and caregiver stories that can help you care for the seniors. They also have home care providers if you need one. Just visit them for a complete source for all your requirements in taking care of your seniors. Let them enjoy growing old gracefully and full of love in their heart.