Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Going Back to Cold Winter After the Warm Home Vacation

Just in time for the chilling weather in their country my husband’s sister and her kids spent their vacation here. They left the winter in their place and travelled all the way from the cold England to the hot-weathered country. They’re overwhelmed with the opposite weather and always love to bask in the sun. 

I remember Megan would always compare her skin with us and wish for a darker skin just like any English girl would dream of. They prefer tanned skin than their pale white color unlike Filipinos who would spent money just to have fairer complexion. The vacationers spent more of their days hopping from one resort to another and had a great time. The kids in their teens now enjoyed their vacation now than when they were younger and they were able to appreciate being with their cousins. 

When they left the country after their 3-week vacation they’re hesitant to fix themselves up for departure. They’re sad that they’re going to go back to the cold winter with their fox jackets and other accessories to keep them warm. I saw that they’re near to tears and even joked that they would exchange airplane seats to those who want to go to England, well of course those are jokes only.


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